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How to help your movers on a moving day

Moving done

If you are moving to Maryland, or any other country, moving day can be a very stressful experience. By finding and hiring the best moving companies we feel more relaxed. For example, we can find them on google by searching best moving companies Maryland.  They take on many of our responsibilities and allow us to enjoy the moving process. Many people think there is nothing else to do on a moving day. Just stay in the car and wait for the moving truck to relocate your items. We frequently believe that we have completed all of our tasks by hiring them. However, this is not the case. But, if you want your relocation to go as smoothly as possible, you should know how to help your movers on a moving day.

Help your movers on a moving day by being prepared for their arrival

First and foremost, hire a moving company from the moving area. If you are relocating to Maryland, you should look for moving services Maryland rather than New York or Seattle. The best help that you can give to your moving company is to be prepared for their arrival. That means you’re completely packed. You should double-check everything before they arrive. Empty every drawer. Check to see if you labeled everything clearly. Set aside items that the moving company can’t move. Packing should be completed the day before the movers arrive. You can leave the packing of your moving essential bag for that day. Put all of the things that you need to be with you all the time:

  • your license,
  • ID,
  • Credit cards,
  • Cash,
  • Spare clothes,
  • Medication bag,
  • Chargers,
  • Valuable items like jewelry, money, and so on, should be with you. Don’t pack them in the boxes that will be in the moving truck.
Empty apartment with packed carton boxes, and that is mostly how you help your movers on a moving day
Pack all of your belongings in the boxes before the moving company arrives

Unplug electronic devices

Unplugging your devices will be appreciated by movers. They may damage your electronics if they are in a hurry, so make sure this does not happen. You are the best judge of how sensitive your appliances are, take care of them.

Label your belongings

If you want your belongings to be placed in the correct room by your moving company, then you should use the color code method when packing. Using the color code method means labeling your things using different colors. You can use markers, post-it, or different colored stickers to color code your boxes. For example, everything that belongs to the kitchen can label with a green post-it. The sticker for the boxes that belong to the living room can be red. For your kids’ room, you can use their favorite color. This method makes unpacking easier for you and makes the job of the moving company smoother.

Man writing label on a box
One of the ways to help your movers when moving is to label your boxes and color-code them

Separate fragile items

Pack your fragile items carefully and label them. Place them in the appropriate size boxes and secure them. To prevent your belongings from breaking, you can use bubble wrap or packing foam. Separate these boxes from the rest of your belongings and notify movers that they are fragile. They will know to move them cautiously and place them in a secure position in the moving truck. Don’t remind them to be careful. It is sufficient to label and separate breakable boxes. They will know how to relocate them. There is a tiny possibility that the moving company will break them if you secured them properly.

Packing fragile items in bubble wrap
By securing and separating your fragile items you will help your movers on a moving day

Let movers do their job

You should be involved in the process but not interfere with it. You might think that you know better than them, but it is not true. If you choose the company carefully, you should put your trust in them and let them do their job. I know you want to help your movers on a moving day, but don’t bother workers. They have a well-organized system when working. You can rely on them, they’ve relocated a household a million times.

They might have some questions so be there to answer them. If you have pets and kids you must ensure that they do not play near the workers. If you need to leave the house, make sure that the movers have your phone number so they can contact you. For example, if you are moving from Montgomery County be sure not to leave the area. Be available for the company that you chose from the list of movers in Montgomery County at any moment. That way there won’t be any delays.

Don’t forget to tip the workers

Prepare your cash before the moving company comes! Tip them and give them the motivation to relocate you smoothly. If you are wondering how much you should tip them, 5% will do the work. But if they had too many heavy things to carry, or too many stairs to climb, then you should give them 10% or more. Be sure to tip every employee. If you are paying them for their service in cash, be sure that you have enough with you.

Provide rest area

You should make a rest area for movers. You can put a few chairs and a table somewhere in the house, or on the lawn. They are moving heavy things so it will be a nice gesture for you to give them time to rest. You can offer them refreshments. Giving them any type of alcohol can be hazardous to both them and your belongings. Set up water, coffee, and tea station. Allow them to take a lunch break. If you want you can make their lunch yourself. In the rest area, you can put snacks, sandwiches, or order pizza.

For example, if you are moving to Silver Springs, and you hired the moving companies Silver Spring MD, make sure to provide them with food and drinks that will be similar to ones that are popular in their place. Allow them the time they require to rest before returning to work. If they are well-rested and full of energy relocating will go faster.

By helping your movers, you are helping yourself

By offering refreshments, doing our packing on time, labeling boxes, and generally being nice to movers, we will make relocating faster and less stressful. Even though we paid the best moving company to assist us, we must keep in mind what their responsibilities are. Also, they are not in charge of packing and preparing our belongings. No one can expect the mover to work like a robot because we can’t either. You won’t lose anything if you help your movers on a moving day. We can only benefit from this: save time, make new friends, feel good about helping, and have more time to enjoy the process of moving.

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