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How to help your children adapt to living in Washington DC

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Moving is never easy and especially with the whole family. But as science states the ones who will be the most impacted are the kids. So we, as some of the most affordable movers DC has to offer, want to help you with this. We’ve researched how to help your children adapt to living in Washington DC and we would like to share our findings with you. So let’s hop in and start exploring this topic together.

Help your children adapt to living in Washington DC by preparing them first

So first of all let’s say that you need to tell your family that you’re moving from DC to NYC or vice versa; what would you feel? You wouldn’t feel glad, would you? Now just imagine how stressful is for kids, if it’s stressful enough for you as an adult. So to help your children adapt to living in Washington DC you should listen to them and acknowledge their feeling as much as you can. Don’t judge them or try to act like it’s nothing, trust us it’ll be hard you’ll make it. For example “Wow we’re moving to a new place where there are much better playgrounds and you’ll meet the president”. If your kids are preschoolers or can’t quite get the idea of moving simply do it by using stuffed toys and animals.

A girl being criticized;
Don’t ever critique them it can destroy their self-confidence.

Before you go make sure to visit all of their friends and make a goodbye party. You should exchange addresses, and take photos and videos, at least that’s easier nowadays. If they’re old enough ask them to write goodbye letters. If they were attached to their friends ask them to make small goodbye gifts for the end. Also, promise them that they’ll see each other during the holidays. You should also let them decide and at the same time help you with decluttering. Hire some residential movers DC area residents recommend to help you pack so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to put their favorite toys close to them, because it’ll help them emotionally, especially on the moving day and the first few nights in Washington DC.

Adapting to a new home

So you’ve said goodbye and now it’s moving day. This can sometimes be quite okay because if they like the new house it’ll be fun. Especially if they’re Indiana Jones types of kids who like exploring. If they’re not into adventures then let them make a special moving book where they can write down their feelings, This will also give you an insight into their emotional and mental health. Once you arrive you can hire moving pros to help you unpack or if you want to DIY we have some unpacking tips to try after moving to Washington that might be useful for you. But let them unpack their things, if they’re too emotional, you can do it or hire moving pros. You should also be all very positive you and your spouse to encourage your kids and motivate them.

You can have a picnic on the floor and start slow if they’re not in the mood. Just act like everything is amazing but don’t overdo it because they will sense that something is odd.  Many moving companies Washington DC will be able to help you with your move. This is essential because you’ll be having your things to do and taking care of kids at the same time. Now you should also think about throwing a welcome party especially if you know some people from Washington DC or if your coworkers have kids. If none of this helps and your kids are in deep depression or are just crying all the time, anxious, or sleeping all the time, check with a healthcare professional. If the child had any mental illnesses be in contact with its therapist all the time.

A happy family of four holding hands while thinking about how to help your children adapt to living in Washington DC;
Be positive and encourage them all the time.

Starting a new school in Washington DC

When it comes to picking the right school, do the research online. Washington has some of the best schools in the whole of America. But when it comes to your child adapting to new friends and teachers, this can be a problem. If you’re moving locally you could try to stay in the same school and district but if that’s not the case it can be a problem. That’s why you should think about how you can help children transition into a new school easily. So you should think about getting them involved in some extracurricular activities. The easiest ones are sports and they’re the best for bonding as well as acting or music sections. Find out what their interests are be the wind for their sales, and push them forward!

If you don’t have any idea what their interests are try role-playing or let them try a lot of different sports and instruments; until they discover what’s the right one for them. Another important thing is to talk with your kids all the time. Especially after school and during dinner, let them share their emotions; but don’t forget to be as positive and as encouraging as you can.  Just remember that all kids are different and there are endless possibilities that could happen.

Kids at playing a game on grass;
You have to trust them and they should trust you in order so they can provide you with all the information.

How to help your children adapt to living in Washington DC in a nutshell

So what should you do in the end? Let’s make a quick recap. First thing is that this will all start before you even come to Washington DC, it’ll be in your old home. Talk to them as early as possible if they can understand the concept. Encourage and embrace their emotions all the way through. Involve them in the moving process, and let them make decisions. Have goodbye and welcome parties and prepare their favorite toys for the moving day. After you come to DC talk and introduce them to their new school and neighborhood. After that get them to sign up to sum extracurricular activities. If nothing works talk with the therapist and medical professionals.

These were our tips on How to help your children adapt to living in Washington DC. We hope that your kids will adapt without any problems to our capital city. Have a great time in DC!

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