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How to get your home winter-ready

Moving done

You are relocating home again and this time around, it is in the middle of the colder months. The winter is coming and Holidays as well. You must prepare for everything and organize like a pro. One must work on moving logistics, pack, find movers Arlington VA, and prepare an adequate budget. On top of it all, you must get your home winter-ready to be sure there are no unpleasant surprises in the months to follow. Therefore, let us cover the most important steps one should take to ensure the safety of their family and the environment during a winter period.

Get your home winter-ready and prepare for the upcoming relocation

Now, you must begin this journey with a thorough home inspection. Both old and new addresses must be inspected inside out. In your old place, you want to know how many furniture pieces you have and other household items as well. This way you can prepare all the packing materials required. Also, you must measure hallways, staircases, doors, etc. All in order to make sure the environment is safe to work in. And you will do the same in your new home. Obtain this information first because your moving companies Northern VA need it to assemble a safe moving plan.

On the other hand, you have a packing plan, moving date, and a moving budget. Everything should be determined in due time and listed down on the moving checklist. Use it as a guide to stay on track with moving-related responsibilities and to never forget a thing. Set a date, decide how much money to spend, figure out the moving service you would like to purchase and call one of the long distance moving companies Northern VA. Wrap your moving project up and get ready for the road ahead. Winter is coming!

Inspect your in-home storage first

Ok, whether you are relocating or not, the advice we will provide now, can be used at any time in your life. So, let us begin with your in-home storage solutions. As you may know, the winter period is the Holiday season and the snowy cover is keeping your children outside for days. You need more space for winter clothing, ski equipment, sleds, decorations, Christmas tree, and much more. This means that the smartest thing to do would be to figure out if you can move things around your home to make more space. You’ll need it for everything we mentioned. And when we add shovels, bags with ice-melting snow, gardening equipment that is inside the garage over the winter, you’ll realize that you have less space than ever.

a couple and two kids playing an the snow
Winter is fun but you’ll need more space than ever. Make room by preparing your in-home storage for winter.

Therefore, you must shuffle through your items inside your home and figure out if something can go to the storage. Also, you should inspect your garage, loft, and basement. Check out if you can move things around and create more space. You can downsize and declutter as well and get rid of the old items as well. Once you gather everything on one designated pile you will realize you need a storage unit if you want to keep it all. You can check with your movers and packers Maryland. Your local moving professional surely can accommodate all your moving and storing requests.

Indoor repairs and adjustments you must take care of to get your home winter-ready

Now when you covered the preparations, it is time to fix stuff inside and outside the house. You will prepare and get your home ready for winter in a couple of days now when you have more space to move around unobstructed. And it is important to know where your basic home tools are as well. So, the first thing you must do is to check all pipes inside your home. This is the biggest problem during winter. A leaky pipe can burst after being frozen and cause significant damage to your property. It can easily cost you between $5k and $10k. It is something you must avoid. Hence, you can fix leaking pipes yourself or hire a professional to do it instead. It will cost you way less simply to screw a few tights and be sure everything is in order and well-maintained.

The next step is to check all your windows to be sure that there is no leakage or breeze coming in. If there is, you must attend to it to prevent moisture, condensation, and frozen windows from being broken under pressure. And lastly, you must inspect all your heaters to be sure they are working properly. If you have a fireplace you must clean your chimney to prevent clogging or a home fire.

Inspect your porch and the pavement

If you have your porch made out of wood you should check if there are any nails sticking out as well as if there is a need for any refurbishing. Then, you must take care of your pavement as well. Frost heave is a nasty process where your pavement stones fall out of place after being frozen and thawed. Therefore, you should be extremely careful with this one because if neglected, it can lead to serious injuries. And while covering the entrance, check your gate as well and ensure it is oiled up and ready to withstand low temperatures.

small wooden hut under aurora borealis
Maybe your porch is not ideal to relax on at the moment, but at least it can be safe to walk upon.

Outdoor maintenance

Aside from your porch and the pavement, there are a few more things you simply must take care of to get your home winter-ready. For example, your front and backyard surely have a few trees. You should check for any branches that are leaning toward the roof of your home or if there are any dead branches. Such branches will snap under the heavy snow and it can damage your property or hurt someone. Then, you must clean your gutters that will otherwise freeze at low temperatures and create countless problems. It can be a serious safety hazard for sure. And finally, check your roof to be sure if any of the tiles are loose. You do not want to be responsible for any damages or injuries caused by a tile blown by the wind that landed on the street.

man about to get home winter-ready by cleaning driveway
Maintain your outdoors regularly. You can never be safe while it is below zero and snowing.

Ensure the environment is safe

The final tip of the day is to mark the territory. When you realize that the snowy weather is almost upon you, you should place markers in your yard and in front of your home. Mark the pavement, steppingstones, steps, flowerpots, etc. Simply because you will be unable to see anything under a few feet of snow. Again, this kind of situation can lead to damages and injuries. So, you better get right to it and mark your driveway and your doorstep adequately.

Get your home winter-ready in a matter of days if you start doing it on time. Do not expect to prepare yourself for the winter if you wake up one day with a yard full of snow. Cover all tasks we mentioned well in advance and wait for the winter in the warmth and safety of your home. Good luck.

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