How to get used to the life in a big city after moving?

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Living in a big city was always more attractive than living in a smaller one. There are many benefits of living in a big city. The most important ones are job opportunities, higher education, various form of entertainment, etc. However, a bigger city also comes with bigger problems such as a higher crime rate. For this reason, a transition from a smaller city lifestyle to a bigger one sometimes is not smooth or easy. Of course, it mostly depends on the person and how much one is resourceful. But, this doesn’t mean that only resourceful people can get used to the life in a big city after moving. There are many people with different backgrounds and abilities that are moving or already moved to a big city with Washington DC movers. You can also be one of these people.

How you can get used to the life in a big city after moving?

Moving from a small city with long distance movers DC to a big one will be a huge shock for you. Don’t be surprised to hear a siren all night or be stuck in a traffic jam. Also, high apartments rent and living costs, in general, will shock you. Living in a big city is a luxury that costs a lot of money. The first couple of days will be overwhelming until you get used to all the people and noise. The adjustment will come gradually. So, you don’t need to worry or pressure yourself to feel at home right away after your move. There are a few things that can help you with your adjustment period. You can do the following things:

  • Explore first your neighborhood
  • Explore the city
  • Talk with your neighbors
  • Learn public transport
  • Find a few coffees shops
  • Join some group
a big crowd is one of the things you need to get used to the life in a big city after moving
Big cities are always busy and crowded

Explore your neighborhood first

If you are moving from DC to NYC, then you probably know that New York City is made of five boroughs. If you are moving into an apartment located in Queens for example, then you should first get to know Queens. You can leave exploring other boroughs after you successfully get to know your borough first. For this reason, you should first search the location of local stores, bars, restaurants, etc. Take a walk around the neighborhood and maybe meet your neighbors. There is always someone with whom you can talk to and ask for advice. Also, every smartphone has map apps that can help you find important locations such as workplaces, etc. For this reason, your biggest friend in the first days after relocation will be your phone and map application.

The next step is to explore the city

Big cities are not very easy to explore. Even someone who lived their whole life in a big city doesn’t know every part of the city. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect to lean every corner of the city and neither is necessary. Every city has a few famous places that everyone knows about. For example, everyone in NYC knows about Broadway, Wall Street, etc. You should also take walk down famous streets and maybe take a few pictures. Your family and friends back in your hometown will be happy to see them. However, you should definitely learn which bus you need to take to your workplace and other important institution such as hospitals, post offices, etc. For this reason, in the first days after your relocation with one of the moving companies DC area, see where your workplace is and what type of public transport you can use.

crop person looking at map
One of the ways to get used to the life in a big city after moving is to explore

The cost of living in bigger cities is much higher

The biggest disadvantage of living in a big city is the cost of living. Real estate prices are really high and especially in locations closer to the center. So, if you want to find an affordable apartment that is not very small, you should expand your search to neighborhoods that are further away from downtown. The location plays a big role in the renting prices. For example, Manhattan is the most expensive borough in NYC. However, the Manhattan neighborhoods with the most affordable prices for a one-bedroom apartment are Inwood, Marble Hill, and Washington Heights. The average renting price in these neighborhoods is somewhere between $1700 and $1850. The Bronx has the most affordable rent with an average price of $1500. So, you will need to find ways to save money when living in a big city.

Culture in big cities is very diverse

Big cities such as NYC have a very diverse population from all parts of the world. You will come in contact with people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, etc. It’s a great opportunity to learn about different customs and history. You should try new cuisines and activities. You should try to be more open to new people or go for a drink with your co-workers after work. This way, you will build a network of people and maybe speed up your adjustment process. Of course, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard and go to places where you will be comfortable first. Eventually, with time, you will become more courageous and try new things and activities. Also, you should join the gym or become a library member and meet new people there.

flags of the world
You can encounter different cultures in big cities

How much time you will need to adjust to living in a big city?

The average time that you will need to get used to the life in a big city after moving is around three months. Of course, this time is very individual, and you might need more or less time. It will depend on your personality, circumstances, etc. It is easier if you are moving with your family member or a friend. However, even if you are moving alone, you will meet new people fairly fast. Life in big cities comes with many advantages and now you can also enjoy them.



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