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So, you’ve decided to move to Rockville. You’re excited to begin your new life in your new home, as you should be. But there is one thing left to take care of. You need to get ready for moving to Rockville! Fret not, Helix Transfer & Storage is here to offer a helping hand. Follow our comprehensible list of things that will make preparing for your move ten times easier!

two people with a moving box
If you want get ready for moving to Rockville in an efficient way, you have to start early

Plan your move

Assuming you’ve already picked the neighborhood and home you will be moving to, the next step is to plan the actual move. There are many things you need to take into consideration. We suggest dividing every part of the move into sections to make it easier for yourself. We all love the satisfying feeling of checking off a completed task.

1. Get organized

Getting organized during a chaotic time such as moving can be a challenge. This is why we suggest doing this step in advance. You could get a binder or folder where you’ll keep all your important documents concerning the move, as well as your personal documentation. 

2. Keep inventory

Another great step to take in order to stay organized and on track is to take inventory of all your belongings. This step can be a bit tedious, but the payoff will be worth it. Be sure to mark down everything you own. This way both your packing and estimating moving costs will be easier.

3. Set a moving budget

This step can be a bit tricky. You need to think of moving companies, object insurance fees, and any unexpected cost that might come your way. Once you decide on a final budget, we recommend sparing a few extra hundreds just in case.

4. Create a moving timeline

Life can be very unpredictable and most likely not everything will go your way. Still, it is a stress-relief to at least have a concept in place. Try to determine how much time each step in your moving journey will take and give it your best to stick to the plan!

Get ready for moving to Rockville by packing like a pro

Packing everything you own is a feat in itself. But remembering to pack everything is even harder. This is where your inventory list comes into play, so we hope you took our word for it and made it. Just in case you still aren’t sure where to start your packing process, we’ve got some tips.

1. Get all the packing supplies

To not damage any of your belongings it’s important you have all the packing necessities you might need. Prepare boxes of the right size, tape, styrofoam for any fragile objects, etc. It’s important to keep in mind how much stuff you have and how much of it needs to be specially packed. 

two women having fun packing
Packing can be a fun activity for the whole family or friends to enjoy!

2. Purge!

Moving is the absolute best time to purge some of your belongings. Chances are you have more stuff than you actually need or use. All those things collecting dust in your closet? They will be doing the absolute same thing in your new home. We’re sure you wouldn’t like to immediately clutter your new habitat. Organizing a garage sale or donating to those in need are simple solutions.

3. Label! Your! Stuff!

Imagine entering your new home, it’s time for the final unpacking, and you have no idea where what is. This step can be a bit boring and time-consuming, but you will be thanking yourself in the long run.

4. In need of storage?

Sometimes, during your moving process, you realize you don’t have the space to house all your things. Or maybe you just don’t have the space for some bigger items. Our movers offer amazing storage options, apart from being extremely adept at helping you along your entire moving journey.

Chose the right moving company for you

Some people decide to move by doing everything themselves. This can be extremely taxing and, since the move isn’t conducted by professionals, a lot of things can go wrong. We always suggest consulting professionals, for the safest and easiest move.

Our movers Rockville MD offer quality service with the utmost professionalism. We offer multiple additional services which can save you time and stress. It’s very important to us that you have a good moving journey because it’s not always just about the destination.

movers holding moving boxes
You can always get professional assistance from experienced movers

Here are some good ways for you to pick the right movers:

  • Word of mouth – We’ve noticed that generally the best services can be found by asking your friends or family members.
  • Online reviews – This might be a bit trickier. It takes a keen eye to differentiate the fake reviews from the real ones.
  • Verify that the movers are legit – You can go check out their listed address or consult the FMCSA.

These are some of the surefire ways to not make any mistakes with your choice. If you encounter any issues at your new home and need to quickly relocate, our local movers MD are here for you. You’d be getting quality services at well as affordable prices. Our movers are trained professionals, and we work really hard to provide you the best experience.

The last few things to get done

You’ve done all the heavy lifting and your move is a guaranteed success. Now all that’s left is tying up some loose ends and getting on with your new life. Here are some final things to pay attention to:

  • Turn off all your utilities!
  • Check everything you’ve packed one last time
  • Back up your computers, just in case
  • Pack a suitcase of things you’ll need as soon as you arrive
  • Double-check with any services you’ve hired
  • Visit some places you will miss after the move
  • Say goodbye to your old neighborhood

We hope we’ve answered the question of how to get ready for moving to Rockville and that your stay in Rockville will be a prosperous and enjoyable one.



Paul and his team made sure that my move went perfectly! They arrived early(!!), explained the paperwork thoroughly, and were extra careful with my items items and property. I’m very thankful for their help and highly recommend!!

Kristen Cheman

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