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How to get ready for moving to Chevy Chase

Moving done

Moving is something we generally do only a few times in our life. As people, we love to have a place to call home, and moving your home can be quite challenging. We at Helix Moving & Storage Maryland would like to give you a few tips on how to get ready for moving to Chevy Chase. We want you to have a quick and enjoyable moving experience.

Discover Chevy Chase, the gem of the capital region

You should always know what you’re getting into when moving. One of the biggest pros of Chevy Chase Maryland is its location. If your goal is to live in a place similar to the suburbs, yet still be close to the city, Chevy Chase might be for you. It borders Washington DC and is very close to Virginia. Chevy Chase, a picturesque enclave conveniently located on the fringes of Washington DC, is a haven of historic charm and contemporary allure. This quaint town captivates with its magnificent architectural landmarks, abundant greenery, and peaceful residential streets. It provides an idyllic retreat for those who work in the bustling capital, thanks to its prime location. This makes it a preferred choice for professionals seeking a peaceful residential setting that doesn’t compromise on urban amenities. Your local movers in MD await your call.

family in a new home
Moving into your new home should be a positive experience

The Growing Allure: Chevy Chase’s Moving Trends

Housing approximately 10,000 residents, Chevy Chase has been witnessing a steady rise in its population over recent years. Families, in particular, are drawn to the town’s excellent educational institutions and peaceful ambiance. Meanwhile, the median age of 45 suggests a dynamic mix of youthful energy and mature wisdom. The ongoing trend implies that Chevy Chase is gaining traction as a favored relocation spot for people from all walks of life. Furthermore, if you’re moving for far away, you shouldn’t worry. Not only does Chevy Chase have a warm and welcoming community, but you can also count on long distance moving companies Maryland has to offer to help ease the transition.

Balancing quality and cost

Although the cost of living in Chevy Chase surpasses the national average, the high-quality lifestyle it offers makes every penny worthwhile. Residents tend to spend a bit more on essentials like groceries and healthcare, aligning with the statewide trend. However, the efficient public transportation system offsets these costs by providing affordable commuting options. Ultimately, the slightly elevated expenses are a small price to pay for the exceptional living standards that Chevy Chase provides. It might take some getting used to, especially if you’re moving from a different state. However, interstate movers Maryland can provide useful tips and practical help.

If you have kids, Chevy Chase offers some of the best educational institutions. According to a study conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Education, around 93.5 percent of adult residents have a bachelor’s degree. It is considered by some as the most educated town in America. Chevy Chase offers some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals thus many job options for young people looking for a career.

suburbs in Maryland
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Investing in Charm

Navigating the real estate market of Chevy Chase, you’ll quickly notice its diversity and dynamic nature. From character-filled single-family homes to modern apartment buildings and luxurious townhouses, this town truly offers something for every type of homebuyer or renter.

Single-family homes, characterized by their architectural diversity, are a popular choice. Classic Colonial, charming Tudor, sleek Mid-century Modern, and grand Victorian styles are sprinkled throughout Chevy Chase, making every street a visual treat. The median price for these homes hovers around the $1 million mark, reflecting the town’s desirability and the high-quality lifestyle it promises.

Townhouses offer another delightful housing option in Chevy Chase. These homes, often located in well-planned communities, provide a balance between the space of a single-family home and the convenience of condo living. Townhouses typically range from $600,000 to over a million dollars, depending on the size, location, and the specific community’s amenities.

For those looking for a more urban living experience, Chevy Chase offers a selection of condominiums and apartments. These properties are perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle or seek a smaller space. In terms of design, condos and apartments in Chevy Chase range from charming units in historic buildings to sleek, contemporary properties with all the latest amenities. The median price for condos falls in the $500,000 range, depending on factors like location, size, and amenities.

Renting or buying in Chevy Chase?

Renting in Chevy Chase is another feasible option, with a variety of homes available to suit different budgets and lifestyle needs. The average rent stands around $2,000 per month. However, this can vary greatly. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in a convenient location may cost around $1,500 per month, while a spacious family home could cost upwards of $4,000 per month. Investing in Chevy Chase’s real estate, be it as a homeowner or a renter, is more than just acquiring a place to live. It’s about joining a thriving community in a town that’s as rich in history and charm as it is in modern, urban conveniences. It’s a place you can truly call home.

A man planning to get ready for moving to Chevy Chase
Make a master plan and follow through

Create a good moving plan before you get ready for moving to Chevy Chase

Moving is a tiring and complicated process. You have to think of all the necessities you need to bring with you, the size of your new home, etc. It can sometimes feel almost like a full-time job. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive list of things to think about while creating a good moving plan for Chevy Chase.

  • Choose a moving date – This is quite obvious, but you have to make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare everything you need. We recommend you always leave a window of about 2-3 months before the moving date.
  • Determine a moving budget – We can’t stress enough how important this step is. Determine a fixed moving budget with your significant other, but we always recommend just having a few thousand dollars over the budget. You never know when unexpected costs might pop up.
  • Declutter your home – In order to determine how much stuff you will need to be transported, it is imperative you declutter your home. We all have something or other we have a hard time removing from our homes. But since you’re already relocating and turning a new leaf, there isn’t a better time to do it than now.
  • Prepare yourself and your kids for the change – As adults, we are able to adapt much easier to new situations. But we have to remember that kids don’t have it that easy. Be sure to talk to your children about your move much in advance. Be sure to check some helpful ways to cope when moving with kids, and prepare your family for this important step.

Pack mindfully and with determination

When you are getting ready for moving to Chevy Chase and pack your entire home, things can get a bit tricky. It’s not a simple 10 shirts, 10 pairs of underwear before a vacation. You could have certain bulky possessions that are in need of special care. Our movers Chevy Chase MD offer all from the actual moving to a great variety of storage options for anything that might be harder to place in your new home.

Be careful to pack in order of urgency. Things that aren’t too urgent in huge boxes, or place them in a storage facility. You can take them out of storage as soon as there is a need for them. But you should pack the things you use constantly in suitcases or bags. You will likely need them immediately upon arrival. You can also consider some packing services if you’re unsure how to pack some valuables, or something easily breakable.

Find a reliable moving company

When you’re letting people carry all of your belongings, you can feel a bit unsure if they aren’t completely trustworthy. For your peace of mind and for your comfort, it’s important to make the right choice. You can opt for residential movers Maryland who are experienced professionals in this field.

movers helping someone get ready for moving to Chevy Chase
The right moving company is key when you start to get ready for moving to Chevy Chase

Here are some of the best ways to choose correctly:

  1. Ask friends for recommendations. If you know someone who’s already done the big move, be sure to consult them. The absolute best way of finding reliable services is through word of mouth. .
  2. Read online reviews. Even though you are probably aware that a lot of companies use fake reviews to attract more people, it’s still wise to consult them. It doesn’t take a trained eye to distinguish a proper review from a fake one. Compare and contrast the reviews and you are sure to find the real ones and create your own opinion.
  3. Do a background check. So, you’ve found a company you like? Not so fast! Do a background check on the company. See how long they have been operating. You should also check their accreditation if you’re wary of the company being a scam. The easiest way to check is through the FMSCA database. Almost all moving companies are registered there.
  4. Contact the moving company. Often, we can’t really tell by online communication what kind of person or company we’re talking to. We find that it’s always important to have closer contact since face to face is most likely not possible if you’re moving long-distance, you can always call the movers. This way you will get a feel of their professionalism and their company policies.

Settling into a new home: Chevy Chase expectations and adaptations

Embarking on a new journey in Chevy Chase is a thrilling prospect. Newcomers can expect a harmonious mix of city-like amenities and a robust community spirit. Adapting to life here might mean enjoying the serene parks, savoring local delicacies, or participating in local festivities. So, don’t hold back – fully immerse yourself in the Chevy Chase lifestyle. The richness and warmth of this community will make your transition a rewarding experience.

Experience the vibrance

Fun and Recreation in Chevy Chase Chevy Chase is brimming with delightful attractions that cater to diverse interests. You could take a serene walk in the verdant Norwood Park or shop to your heart’s content at the upscale Friendship Heights. For the food lovers, an array of restaurants and cafes offer delectable local and global cuisines. Furthermore, the town’s cultural pulse remains strong with numerous annual festivals and community events that exude a unique charm.

Embrace the Chevy Chase spirit and get ready for moving to Chevy Chase

Understanding Local Lifestyle and Culture Life in Chevy Chase is characterized by a relaxed, family-oriented pace. The town fosters a strong sense of community with public schools that consistently rank among the best in Maryland. The social fabric of Chevy Chase is enriched by various art galleries, sporting venues, and volunteer opportunities. Its lively atmosphere, coupled with a warm, welcoming community, creates a culturally vibrant setting for residents.

Final thoughts on your Chevy Chase relocation

Once you get ready for moving to Chevy Chase and are satisfied with all your work, now the only thing left to do is to go to your new home! We wish you a nice trip and good luck on your adventure.


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