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How to get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean

Moving done

Moving was always complicated, costly, and hard. To get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean you must cover many moving-related tasks. Of course, if you want to secure a successful, safe, and affordable relocation. One must find movers McLean VA, organize packing, dedicate a moving budget, sort out legalities, and much more. So, let us help you with the entire process and provide a guide on how to organize in the best way possible. Let’s take a look.

Create a personalized relocation plan

To get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean, you must create a personalized moving plan. This means you should have a moving checklist along with an inventory list. You will create them if you inspect your home inside out and realize the complexity of your relocation project. Note down all the furniture and other household items you possess onto the inventory list. This info will tell you how many packing materials you must purchase. And if your movers must bring any special tools to handle your furniture. Also, you must check your staircases, doors, and nasty narrow corridors. Make sure everything is in order and safe to work in. Also, according to our moving experts at Helix Moving & Storage, your moving checklist you should add the following:

  • Information about movers and moving services.
  • Moving budget.
  • Legalities and insurance.
  • Packing plan and packing supplies.
  • Moving-related responsibilities and personal requirements.
person creating a checklist to get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean
Create your moving checklist to serve you as a reminder and a guide to a successful relocation.

Introduce to your moving checklist anything you think must be covered before the moving day. Follow it as a guide toward victory and to keep up with your schedule. Once you have your list completed, share it with one of the long distance moving companies Northern VA. They must know the basic details in order to create the safest moving plan possible. And your moving checklist will help a lot. Therefore, create one right from the beginning.

Find movers and get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean

Now when you have your moving plan with you, you should find adequate moving professionals to assist you. To find one of the best moving companies West Virginia you must scour the internet properly. You should compare movers and figure out what kind of service is the best for your situation. Check out their prices, read reviews, and compare services. Eventually, you’ll find a match. Of course, apply your search criteria to narrow it all down and find exactly what you need. Once you are ready, start calling all moving companies you like and one of them will be yours. Just make sure they are licensed and permitted to work before you hire them.

Obtain a moving quote

Once you choose a moving company, ask them to provide onsite estimates rather than to obtain a moving quote online or via phone. Yes, it can be convenient and faster to do it online but you will get a precise quote and moving price if you utilize onsite estimates. Therefore, schedule a visit and let your movers evaluate your home, cargo, and provide you with all necessary details to make your relocation safer, easier, and cheaper. Almost all moving companies Northern VA offer this service and it is free. There is no reason not to use it to get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean. It will help a lot.

man and a woman holding boxes
Let your movers come over and evaluate the situation. Do not worry, they will make sure you have everything you need.

Make more space in your new home

To make more space in your new home you must declutter before moving. Yes, simply set aside all unused and old items you do not need anymore. Once you are done packing, you will realize you have a nice pile of those items and now you must get rid of them. But do not worry, there are several solutions to do it right. One is to give to friends, relatives, or neighbors. Other is to throw them away or recycle them. Or you can sell online if you have some nice pieces like antique furniture or branded clothing. Lastly, you can donate to the local church or a charity organization. Whatever you decide to do with it, just do something. Decluttering is a healthy process where you’ll make your relocation cheaper, easier, and you’ll finally free yourself from the hoarding shackles. Start fresh and clean in your new apartment.

Pack like a pro and get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean

Now when you covered the legal part of the story and you have hired movers, it is time to pack. Firstly you must obtain the packing materials necessary. Check out your nearest hardware store or a home depot and purchase cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels, packing paper, and blister packs. You can also get some Styrofoam, packing peanuts, dividers, corner pads, customized boxes, plastic bins, or plastic sheets. But those are a bit more expensive materials.

two people unpacking after the move
Obtain all packing materials and pack on time. Movers will charge extra if they must wait for you to pack on a moving day.

Although, depending on the value of your possessions and your budget, you will purchase the materials you need and can afford. So, make a healthy balance to keep up with your budget and adequately protect your belongings. Once you have all your packing materials delivered to your home, pack gradually covering room by room until you are done. You can pack over the weekend or pack a bit each day over a couple of weeks. Do as you like, just make sure you are completely packed before your movers arrive.

Explore McLean and start settling in

Surely you want to know the place you are moving to. After all, you will visit your home several times before moving in, why not take the chance to explore a bit to get to know at least the basics. So, town of McLean is a diverse and friendly community in Fairfax County. It is mostly populated with government officials due to the proximity to Washington D.C. You’ll find many people here that are working as high-ranking officials in the police, army, Pentagon, or CIA. Obviously, it makes this place one of the safest ones in the US. Aside from that, it is a family-friendly community with many green areas, parks, playgrounds, and amazing schools for your children.

We strongly recommend you to check Scott’s Run Nature Preserve, Great Falls Park, Turkey Run Park, and Fort Marcy. Aside from the astonishing nature, there are always shopping malls, coffee places, and great restaurants to check out. All in all, an amazing place to live in. Start exploring as soon as you can to adapt quickly and meet your new friendly locals and neighbors.

Now you know how to get ready for moving from West Virginia to McLean. As long as you have your moving checklist with you and a reliable moving company by your side, nothing should go wrong. Good luck and stay safe.


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