How to find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown

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You have decided on moving from Maryland to Virginia and there is a lot to do before you can settle down and begin a new chapter of your life. You must find a reliable moving company, pack like a pro, dedicate an appropriate budget, cover legalities, and renovate your new place. The renovation is what concerns you the most because it can slow everything down. And to adapt and settle in smoothly, you must find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown. So, let us help you to do just that. We will teach you how to search the market, what to be aware of, and how to secure your investment. Let’s go!

You must do your part first

Before you can find best contractors after moving to Virginia, you must prepare your new home for renovation. This depends on what kind of moving services Maryland you have purchased as well. If you obtained packing services, then you must instruct your movers where to unpack your belongings and which areas of your home to leave empty. If you are renovating all drywalls then all boxes should go into your garage temporarily or into a living room. Find a similar solution that will work best for you. Of course, this widely depends on the size of your home.

mover noting down moving boxes
Instruct your movers where to position your cargo while unloading. Do not clutter your space unnecessarily.

The same goes for the robust furniture. Do not clutter your space with it unnecessarily. Use your movers Germantown MD while they are still on-site and tell them where to position your furniture. If you let them simply load your home aimlessly, you will have to do the hard labor yourself once the time comes for renovating. Or even worse, your contractors will have to help you. It is not a good scenario indeed. Therefore, create a temporary storage plan in advance so you have a fairly empty home while renovating. Maybe a good solution is to rent a storage unit, portable storage POD, or store everything in your garage. Think about it.

Search online and find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown

The easiest way to find best contractors in Virginia is to search for them online. Yes, you can search the local ads, check the papers, or even ask your movers Maryland. They can tell you some of the basic facts like that Germantown is a place with 90k residents, with a median income of around $70k, and a home value of about $275k. Also, they can recommend a good neighborhood as there are many in Germantown. Moreover, they can tell you more about the good education and career opportunities you can find here. As well as the quality of life Germantown brings. But if they can’t recommend a good contractor, then you must sit down and dig through the related content on the internet.

So, you must compare companies, read reviews, and check prices. Take a look at social media comments especially for local contractors. That is the place where you’ll find previous customers experience and you’ll easily figure out if you should stay away from a certain contractor or hire one as soon as you can. Also, check accredited websites like Better Business Bureau and you’ll easily find legit professional companies. Once you do, give them a call, and get this party started.

Start with the bids and home inspections right after you relocate

Once you find your contractor, immediately start with bids and home inspections. And you must do this before you hit the road with movers in Montgomery County. Your home must be empty for your contractors to provide realistic estimates. Hence, call several companies and schedule different dates. Let them come over, inspect everything, and compare findings, and reports. Of course, focus on the price as well. Once you have at least three different contractor reports, you can evaluate the situation and make the decision on who will renovate your home.

contractor inspecting a home
Start with the home inspection as soon as possible so you can create the renovation plan in due time.

Consider the complexity of repairs and apply your budget accordingly

Once your contractor provides the renovation plan you should consider the costs and the repairs included. If there are minor repairs included then you shouldn’t think much about it. But if there are more complex repairs like changing entire hardwood floors or remodeling your entire home, then you want to think more thoroughly about your contractor’s experience. Check again if they have enough of it and dig some references to confirm they can undertake this job. Simply because you want to be sure they will do the job successfully. Besides, such a huge project will cost quite a lot and you want to secure your investment as well. So, confirm your contractor is up to the task, and then prepare your budget accordingly.

Find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown and schedule the repair dates

Now, this can be a tricky part. Depending on the nature of the repairs and renovation, you might have to leave your home for up to a month. Or in some situations even more. Or you will stay there and supervise the entire project. Whatever might be the case, you should set the renovation dates and the period when you want to do this. This is not something that is only up to you but up to your contractor as well. Both parties must agree on a certain time interval when this work can be performed.

calendar to be used to set renovation date and find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown
Communicate is key in your efforts to find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown.

Therefore, keep this in mind when you start looking for a contractor and check the availability according to your schedule as well. Ask your contractor right away if they are available. Moreover, keep in mind that you can buy their time sort of speak. If you pay more, you can lease subcontractors and then time becomes irrelevant. But this option is available only to those who have a stretching budget.

Meet with the team that will renovate your home

In the end, do not forget to meet the team of people that will work on your renovation project. The team of people can be extensive. There will be electricians, HVAC professionals, plumbers, and other workers involved. Apart from the contractors you hired there are subcontractors as well so you want to meet them all and talk with the person who is in charge of the entire project. They must assure you that they spend enough time and resources overseeing the entire project. They also must vouch for the integrity and behavior of all workers involved. So, do not forget to communicate clearly and openly about this subject. But most importantly is to meet all these people in person. The first impression is important.

Now you know how to find best contractors after moving to Virginia from Germantown. Just remember to check your contractors on the Better Business Bureau and confirm they are accredited businesses. Nowadays anyone can pose as a plumber or an electrician and come to your home to “repair stuff”. You want to avoid this kind of situation at all costs. Do your research, read our guide again if necessary, and secure your investment. Good luck.



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