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How to find an apartment in Gaithersburg

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Finding the right apartment to which the best moving companies in Maryland will help you move, means it should align with your preferences, commute, and budget. To find an apartment in Gaithersburg that you will adore can be hard but not impossible. Before you begin your apartment search, start by establishing the budget you can spend on your rent. Depending on this budget, you can establish an area in which to stay based on the average price per square ft.  The more criteria you establish, the more time you will save for your apartment search. Our guide will break down everything you need to know to find an apartment.

bedroom interior setup
Define your budget before you start the apartment hunt.

Finding an apartment in Gaithersburg – where to start?

Finding remote accommodation is not an easy task. How can you carry out the visits? Which neighborhood should you favor? How should the procedures be carried out? What moving company to hire for the relocation? So many questions that need answers! Well first of all good organization is key. Decide how much time you want to spend looking for an apartment and start learning about the city you want to move to, in this case, Gaithersburg. Then, look for the movers in Montgomery County. The sooner you start the easier and less overwhelming the process will be.

Next step, you can start by learning about the prices of apartments in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Right now, the approximate rental price of the 1-bedroom apartment is $1,695. If you are interested in buying an apartment the price starts around $125K. This research gives you an idea of ​​the prices charged there. Also, you will be able to learn about the different specificities of each neighborhood or even the architectural style of buildings. All this information allows you to structure your project a little more and to make sure that the environment of the property you are going to choose suits you.

You can look for your apartment online from your couch

Defining your project precisely allows you to select only the apartments that correspond to your criteria and not to waste time looking at ads that present properties that are not the ones that fall under your criteria. It can be a bad neighborhood or not enough space for example. Moreover, you will be able to check that your budget and your requests align. Furthermore, the positive is that there are no agency fees and you can do it from the comfort of your home. However, the negative is that the owners are not professionals, which means that they may forget some important information about the accommodation. Therefore, it’s up to you to master your subject and to know what questions you want to ask.

A person using a computer to find an apartment in Gaithersburg
You can find your dream apartment from the comfort of your couch.

When doing your research, to avoid periods of stress, it’s recommended that you take some time every day to scan the ads: create alerts on the best sites. This way you will see all the ads and you won’t miss the apartment that you like. Moreover, looking through hundreds of listings at once can be overwhelming. Furthermore, before each visit, ask for additional photos as well as very specific information about the apartment you have in mind. This will prevent you from traveling for an apartment that is not worth your time.

Go through a professional agency

Going directly through an owner allows you to negotiate a reduction in rent. However, you need to check if the person is a real owner of the apartment and not a scammer. Don’t give any money before you see all the necessary paperwork. On the other side, going through a professional has significant advantages: it can help you in your research and define your needs. Also, this will save you a lot of time. A real estate agent often has a large portfolio of offers and can advise you on the right accommodation for your needs. Moreover, this is the safest way to find an apartment. The agency will explain to you everything concerning the paperwork. Also, they will be there to assist you in case of a problem.

Ask your real estate agent to give you the measurements of the apartment. You will need them to know if the furniture from your current apartment can fit. If not, there is no need to panic. You can always contact your moving company and use their storage service.  Your furniture will be in a safe place while you decide what to do with it. Other questions you should ask your agents if you are renting are:

  • If pets are accepted.
  • If the apartment is a smoker on non-smoker.
  • Are there any specific rules that you should know concerning the apartment and the building?
  • Are there any additional yearly costs?
An agent showing documents to his clients
A professional will help you find an apartment in Gaithersburg easily.

Let people know that you are trying to find an apartment in Gaithersburg

Your network is all these people who surround you and who themselves know a lot of people. There may be so-and-so who leaves his apartment, or the cousin of someone who has an apartment for rent. Even when you don’t live in the same city as the rental, you’re looking for, there are several ways to reach out to your network. You can send a collective email, post on Facebook asking people to relay it, but also follow groups on social media that propose apartments to rent or buy.

Additionally, to avoid any unnecessary travel, you can also call on friends if you have any in the Gaithersburg area and ask them to visit the apartment for you.  When your friends arrive at the detitanation ask them to take photos of the outside of the building. This way you can show your movers Gaithersburg MD the space they have for parking the truck when they bring your belongings. Having someone to help you will make your life easier. You will find an apartment in Gaithersburg even faster when you have someone by your side to help you through the process.

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