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How to choose a neighborhood before moving to NC?

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Thinking of moving to North Carolina? Why would you not? Amazing mountain views, coastlines, culture, history, and career opportunities are just some of the reasons that put North Carolina on the top of the “to move to” list of many people. But, even if you do choose to move there, how do you know which neighborhood to choose? That is where we come in. Today, we help you choose a neighborhood before moving to NC to ensure you find what you are looking for. Once we work on finding you the best neighborhood to move into, we advise you to hire moving companies Maryland trusts to help you relocate your household with ease. Transporting your belongings safely is just as important as finding the perfect place to call home.

How should you choose a neighborhood before moving to NC?

North Carolina is a US state on the East Coast of the country. The capital of the state is Raleigh and the largest city is Charlotte. Furthermore, the State of North Carolina was once a part of the original Thirteen Colonies and was established in 1729. The state was integrated into the Union in 1789.

a panoramic view of the city of Raleigh as one of many options when needing to choose a neighborhood before moving to NC
Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina and has roughly 470.000 residents

The majority of the state falls under the humid subtropical climate. However, in the western part of the state, where the mountains are, you will experience the subtropical highland climate. Moreover, according to the 2020 census, around 10.5 million people live in this state. Nearly one-third of the population consists of families with children. The median household income in the state is $54.600. On the other hand, the state has a very diverse economy and it leads the region in agriculture. Long distance moving companies in Maryland are always there for an affordable moving experience!

Discovering North Carolina’s gems

North Carolina, brimming with charm and diversity, offers an array of unique neighborhoods across its most popular cities.

  • Starting in Raleigh, the capital city, Hayes Barton stands out. This historic neighborhood enchants with tree-lined streets and 1920s architecture. If you crave a more urban setting, Downtown Raleigh is your answer, blending sleek condos with lively arts and dining scenes.
  • Charlotte, the state’s largest city, also has much to offer. For young professionals, South End stands out with its trendy lofts, craft breweries, and bustling nightlife. Meanwhile, Myers Park, known for its winding roads and majestic willows, offers an upscale, peaceful retreat.
  • Durham, home to the esteemed Duke University, features neighborhoods like Trinity Park, where academics and professionals mingle amidst Victorian and Colonial Revival homes. Alternatively, American Village offers family-friendly living with excellent schools and spacious yards.
  • Head to Asheville for a unique mountain-city experience. The historic Montford area boasts beautifully restored homes, quaint B&Bs, and easy access to downtown.
  • Finally, in coastal Wilmington, the Harbor Island neighborhood shines, combining beach-town relaxation with upscale living. The historic downtown, however, provides rich history with its well-preserved antebellum architecture.

Each neighborhood in these vibrant cities boasts distinct charm, inviting residents to find their perfect North Carolina home. Residential movers Maryland residents trusts can help you get there in high style!

a couple ready to choose a neighborhood before moving to NC
Choose a neighborhood before moving to NC based on your own personal preferences!

Asking the right questions

When you are looking to find the most ideal neighborhood for you or your family, you need to think about some things in advance. Therefore, you must have some basic questions about the neighborhood you will ask the real estate agent. Logically, you want to buy the best possible choice within your price range. However, there are things that can impact your decision. So, if you are moving from Maryland to North Carolina, for example, you should know the right questions to ask:

  • Looking for tranquility? Wade, a quiet suburb in Raleigh, is perfect. Nestled away from the city’s hustle, it offers serene living with spacious, tree-dotted properties. Residents rave about its peaceful atmosphere and friendly community.
  • If proximity to schools is a priority, Myers Park in Charlotte won’t disappoint. The neighborhood houses some of the top-rated schools, including Myers Park High School and Selwyn Elementary, making it a top pick for families prioritizing education.
  • Shopaholics will fall in love with Southpoint in Durham. This neighborhood is home to The Streets at Southpoint, a large shopping mall with over 150 stores and eateries. It’s a shopper’s paradise right at your doorstep!
  • Craving green spaces? Look no further than Dilworth in Charlotte. It’s renowned for Latta Park, a sprawling green oasis offering playgrounds, sports fields, and a serene lake. The neighborhood itself boasts charming historic homes and a friendly, tight-knit community.
  • For those drawn to historic charm, Asheville’s Montford Historic District is a must-see. This area exudes character with its beautifully preserved Victorian, Queen Anne, and Arts and Crafts style homes. Plus, it hosts a popular annual music and arts festival, adding a vibrant cultural flair to the area.

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movers helping someone move in
Affordable movers can be a real life saver!

Commuting, as a common factor to include when choosing

Many people depend on public transportation. Even if they do not, they want to make sure they can arrive at work, school, or anywhere else on time. Whether you are using public transport or not, commuting time is very important. So, for example, you hire interstate movers Maryland to relocate you because of your new job in the state. However, the neighborhood you are in is a little further away from your work. This means that you need to know exactly how long it will take you to arrive at work, without being late. Furthermore, it should help you learn the amount of time you need to arrive from one place to another.

Choose a neighborhood before moving to NC by envisioning your daily life there

Ease of commuting is often high on the checklist for those moving, and North Carolina offers several neighborhoods that excel in this department.

  • In Charlotte, Uptown is a prime choice. As the city’s business hub, living here means a quick walk to many major employers. For those working elsewhere, the LYNX Blue Line offers convenient light rail service, with stops throughout Uptown and beyond to South End and Pineville.
  • Raleigh’s Inside the Beltline area, encompassing neighborhoods like Five Points and Mordecai, also offers excellent commuting options. The R-Line, a free bus service, makes getting around downtown a breeze, while GoRaleigh provides wider service throughout the city. Plus, with easy access to major roads like I-440 and US-1, driving commutes are more manageable.
  • In Durham, living in the Downtown area puts you within walking distance of many major employers, including several biotech companies. GoDurham buses provide public transit throughout the city, and the free Bull City Connector offers frequent service between downtown and Duke.
  • Meanwhile, Wilmington’s Mayfaire area offers short commutes to the growing number of tech companies in the area. A convenient network of bike lanes also makes cycling a viable commuting option.

In each of these neighborhoods, efficient commuting options combine with proximity to major employment hubs, ensuring you spend less time on the road and more time enjoying your new home.

a woman wearing a jacket standing near a passing train
Your commuting time will play a vital factor in your lifestyle so you might want to make sure you choose a neighborhood before moving to NC

Commuting is essential for many people and knowing how long you need to commute makes a big difference. It plays a vital part when you choose a neighborhood before moving to NC.

Choose a neighborhood before moving to NC by condoning online research

Luckily, we are living in an era that allows everyone to have access to basic information at any given moment. This means that you can condone research about a neighborhood in another part of the world from the comfort of your home. So, why not use this advantage we have? Before you decide to move, simply go online and do your own research. Lucky for us, today we can find various websites that offer us a closer insight into neighborhoods, cities, towns, etc. This research should not take too much of your time, but it will provide you with much-needed information. After you find the neighborhoods you like, you can start comparing them. This will allow you to reduce your options and leave only the best neighborhoods as potential choices.

The value of the home says a lot about the neighborhood

There are many factors that affect the overall price of a home. From the neighborhood it is in, to the space it has, homes vary in price. So, to be sure you made the right choice, make sure you fully understand your budget. It does not matter if you are planning on purchasing a new home or finding a home to rent. If you find a home that is a little too high or too low in price, ask around and find out why that is.

a woman putting a "sold" sign after purchasing a home
The median home value in North Carolina is around $261.000 and any price variation will have some advantages or disadvantages

Does the neighborhood provide comfort to residents in terms of shops being close, etc.? Or, is the neighborhood so far away from downtown that it is relatively cheap to rent or buy? There are so many things that can affect the price. So, make sure you fully understand why the home costs as much as it does.

Housing Choices Across NC Neighborhoods

Housing prices in North Carolina can vary significantly depending on the neighborhood, offering a broad spectrum of options for both renters and buyers. North Carolina offers a wide variety of housing options to fit diverse lifestyles and budgets. Whether you’re a renter or a buyer, looking for a compact urban flat or a spacious suburban home, you’re sure to find an option that matches your housing needs and financial capacity.

Choose a neighborhood before moving to NC that fits your budget

Starting with more budget-friendly options, neighborhoods like Fayetteville in Raleigh offer a median home price of $160,000. Here, you’ll mostly find single-family homes with generous yard space, ideal for first-time buyers or families. Rental apartments in this area, on average, cost around $900 per month for a two-bedroom unit.Moving up the scale, Dilworth in Charlotte boasts a median home price of $600,000. This historic neighborhood offers a mix of charming bungalows and grand old houses, with some new condos thrown in for good measure. Renting here is relatively more costly, with an average of $1,400 per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

family enjoying their new home after they learned to choose a neighborhood before moving to NC
Welcome to your new home!

If you’re a fan of the urban lifestyle, you should know about the price tag that comes with it

For those seeking a more urban lifestyle, Downtown Durham provides numerous options. Loft-style condos and modern apartments are the norm, with median prices around $350,000. Renters can expect to pay around $1,200 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. At the higher end of the scale, neighborhoods like Biltmore Forest in Asheville offer an exclusive living experience. The median home price here reaches over $900,000, featuring spacious homes with historic charm and large wooded lots. Rental options are less common, but when available, they usually start from $2,500 for a two-bedroom house.

For coastal living, Harbor Island in Wilmington is a top pick. Homes here average around $700,000, with many offering stunning water views. Condos are more budget-friendly, averaging around $250,000. Rental houses start at $2,000 per month, while condos can be rented for around $1,500 monthly.

Set your priorities before going on a search for a home

No matter what you plan on buying, you need to have priorities. These priorities will set aside all the most important things you need from a home. So, to choose a neighborhood before moving to NC means to know what you are looking for. Granted, these conditions can change or vary, but the essence stays the same. If you plan on moving into a smaller home, you need to be aware of the advantages and the disadvantages. Create your standards and base the houses you find off of them. That way, you will always put what you require from home at the top of the list and not stray away from that.

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