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How to avoid fraudulent moving companies when moving in or out of Bethesda MD

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It can be easier than it may seem to fall for a moving scam. Some fraudulent moving companies are very good at hiding their intentions. But even then, there are some things that they can’t avoid doing. And with the right knowledge, you can recognize those things and avoid becoming a victim of one of the many moving scams. Whether you are moving in or out of Bethesda you can easily find a good and reputable moving company if you know how to look. Just make sure that you take your time researching so that you can hire one of the best moving companies in Maryland. Here you can read more about some of the more common moving scams. And get some advice on how to avoid fraudulent moving companies when moving in or out of Bethesda MD.

Whether you are moving in or out of Bethesda make sure that the movers do a proper estimate

One of the most common signs that a moving company is fraudulent is if they won’t come to your home to do an estimate. Oftentimes scammers are going to make a rough estimate over the phone and immediately accept the deposit, and then of course disappear with your money. A proper moving company is going to come to your home and thoroughly go through it to give you an accurate estimate. So whether you are looking for moving companies Bethesda has to offer or somewhere else, make sure that they give you a proper moving estimate.

Not being able to find information about the company is a big red flag

You should check the moving company website and see if you can find the physical address, their registration, and proof of insurance. Usually, fraudulent movers won’t have any of these things. Another important thing to check is their presence on social media, and their reviews there. And on other websites. Fraudulent movers are not going to have any of those things, or they might have one or two fake reviews. So this is a good way to figure out whether movers are real or not.

Man using a laptop to research a moving company before deciding on moving in or out of Bethesda
Make sure that you take your time to research moving companies before you prepare for moving in or out of Bethesda

A reputable moving company is going to be registered and insured, and they are going to have a lot of good reviews. And this is an important thing to check whether you are moving in or out of Bethesda. You can also ask movers for:

  • References
  • What kind of moving insurance do they offer
  • How much experience they have

If you are moving in or out of Bethesda don’t give a big down payment

Usually, movers are going to ask for a small down payment, that is standard practice. Not more than 20%. But fraudulent movers are going to be asking for a big down payment so that they can pocket the money and disappear. Another thing that scammers often do is hold your things and then ask for more money to return them. So be careful when giving a down payment that it’s not too big and if it is make sure that you check if the moving company is legitimate or not.

Watch out for the extra fees

If you are on a high floor or are moving to one, you might be charged extra fees. The same goes if you are living in a street where a moving truck can’t fit, so they have to bring a smaller truck. There are many similar situations to the examples above where you can be charged extra fees. With fraudulent movers, those extra feels would be astronomical. But you won’t be able to complain because you already accepted it all. This is why it is important to ask your interstate movers Maryland whether you are moving in or out of Bethesda if there are going to be any extra fees.

Man packing glasses in a box
Make sure that you remember that things like packing services are paid separately

Never sign a blank contract

No matter how much the movers may seem legit, you should never sign a blank contract. You need to have everything in writing, from the estimate to extra fees and any additional services which you might require. Signing a blank contract exposes you to all kinds of risks and it is something you should never do. And make sure that you read the contract from top to bottom, all the little details, everything. Also make sure that everything is listed in it, from your belongings to everything else that you agreed on with the movers.  And be very thorough when going through the inventory list. One of the traits of a reputable long distance moving company in Maryland is the fact that they are going to give you a contract that details everything, together with an inventory list, and make sure that you read it all before signing.

Make sure that the company is licensed

The FMCSA regulates all the moving companies that have a license. And if a company doesn’t have one it is probably fraudulent. Or they have just started working and haven’t gotten one yet. Either way, you only want to hire a legitimate and licensed moving company. And you can easily check if a moving company is licensed by checking their USDOT number. It is usually located at the bottom of their website in fine print. And you can also always just ask them for their USDOT number, and they have to provide it. Then you can write down the number and check the FMCA database to see if the number is real and if they are legitimate.

Person writing in a notebook
Write down the moving company’s USDOT number and check it to see if they are licensed

A good way to avoid moving scams is to ask for help

You can ask your friends and family for a recommendation for a good moving company. They have all moved at some point, and some of them might have moved recently. And if they have they are going to know good movers. This is the best way to avoid fraudulent movers whether you are moving in or out of Bethesda since you have someone close to you that can confirm that they are legitimate and that they have had a good experience with those movers. You can also ask your friends and family to help you with the move by helping you pack. And with other smaller details. And that will also make it easier to deal with moving since you are going to be surrounded by your loved ones.


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