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Household repairs after Gaithersburg move

Moving done

When moving home, there are countless tasks you should complete. Starting with packing, planning the whole moving logistics, searching for moving companies Maryland, dedicating a budget, and covering legalities. On top of it, you must think about household repairs after Gaithersburg move. But with a proper moving plan, you will be able to cover everything on time and keep your budget healthy. Therefore, let us help you with this one and ensure you cover all household repairs adequately. Let’s go.

Dealing with the walls is one of the household repairs after Gaithersburg move you must cover

Refreshing our new walls is something we all must do when moving into a new home. You should do it as well. Especially if there are purple walls in one of the bedrooms. It is a low-budget solution to refresh your new place. Besides, it is much easier to do it when the house is still relatively empty. Also, consider the color of your furniture and figure out if you want to match some of it. This is also the time to experiment and if you do not like it, simply repaint it over later on. Consider using gray color for the depth, blue and green for relaxation, or red to create a wild and romantic vibe.

father and a daughter playing
Repainting your walls is one of the easiest household repairs you can cover.

So, if you want to refresh your walls, you’ll need a bit of space to do it. Either do it before you move in or instruct your movers Gaithersburg MD to bring all the furniture in one of the rooms. Dedicate a place for all your boxes and cover the rest of the furniture with a tarp or a sheet. Protect it and start working on your walls without any worries.


While repainting your walls, you should cover all the holes and cracks as well. If there are any in the first place. And once you are finished with your new walls, consider repainting and refurbishing some of the furniture as well. There is surely an old wardrobe you are dragging around for centuries. Maybe it is time to give it a new glare and fit it nicely into the new environment. Although, if we are talking about an antique, consult with an artwork dealer first before you attempt anything.

Fixing around the house

There are quite a few household repairs after Gaithersburg move if you check all nooks and crannies in your home. Those are usually budget-friendly and easily repaired but if overlooked, can create many problems. Check out the following:

  • Wall plates and utilities
  • Doorknobs and locks
  • Pipes and faucets
  • Wirings and electricity
power sockets
Remove all hazardous situations from the picture and start household repairs after Gaithersburg move

Also, if you have a nail or screw that needs tightening or changing, seek professional help. Unless you know how to cover most of the household repairs. Yes, you will use moving services Maryland to make your relocation better and easier. But focus on repairs as well and instead of hiring a plumber and an electrician, try to find someone who can cover everything in one visit. Hopefully, you won’t search for too long.

Floors and carpeting

Before you move in, you should check the floors and the condition they are in. Hopefully, you have hardwood floors because they are easy to maintain. Simply use regular house cleaning products. Preferably, the alcohol-based ones that dry quickly and sanitize everything nicely. But if they are in a bad condition, you should consider investing and replacing floors entirely. It will be a costly investment but a good one if your floors are in a bad shape.

On the other hand, if you intend on using area rugs and permanent carpeting, then you can ignore hardwood floors completely.  Focus on carpets and figure out if you want them to be a permanent solution and cover the whole area from wall to wall or you will use area rugs. Although, if your home came with this kind of carpet already, consider keeping it alive or changing it as well. You can use any cleaning solution from the nearest hardware store.

Bathroom and the kitchen

Fixing your bathroom and kitchen can be quite expensive. All those appliances, pipes, and utilities can cost a lot. And this is something you should factor in before renting or buying a property. Those costs can easily go over $10-15K without paying for the labor. So, you must inspect the property beforehand and calculate those costs. Hopefully, you know how to fix a leaky faucet or change the utility yourself and lower the costs a bit.

a person washing hands doing household repairs after Gaithersburg move
Take care of your bathroom and the kitchen. Those areas have many hidden repairs waiting for you.

Although, changing a bathtub, faucets, toilets, and more, can completely refresh your bathroom. And because this is a place you use daily and visit often, it should be up to your standards. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable and that is why it is worth investing. But again, do the math and figure out if it is worth moving in in the first place.

Get rid of the old appliances

Some properties come with already installed appliances. Those can be very old and simply there to raise the price of a property. They are working at the moment, but do not be fooled. You can end up with a broken fridge at any moment. Therefore, check the following appliances and figure out what must be replaced:

  • Fridge, dishwasher, and dryer.
  • Washing machine.
  • Toaster, coffee maker, and all other small appliances.
  • Air conditioner and air moisturizer.

Also, if there are any other appliances, check those as well. Especially if you are moving your business with you and you intend on working from home. Some people use their garage to support the business and if this is the case, you must have all your appliances working. Moreover, be sure to use commercial movers Maryland to relocate all your assets safely. All in all, you should change or repair appliances and get over with repairs after moving.

Now you know how to handle household repairs after Gaithersburg move. The key is in the home inspection before you buy the property. The goal is to avoid burning your budget out and having a lot to renovate and repair right from the start. The home that needs a complete do-over is not worth your time. Good luck.

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