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House-Hunting in Washington DC – 2023 Guide

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Now that the economic effects of the pandemic are slowing down, more and more buyers are getting ready to jump into the housing market. Prices are slowly but surely dropping, attracting people to dip their toes and test the waters. Washington DC offers a wide range of housing options, from historic row houses to modern condos, and everything in between. Since the cost of living and real estate prices in DC can be high, you’ll need to be well-informed and have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. In this article, as one of the most reliable and affordable movers DC has to offer, we’ll help you with your house-hunting in Washington DC.

Important Factors to Look Out for When Searching for a House in Washington DC

Several key factors will determine the price of a property. You should know them all, to gauge if a property is worth its price as well as make sure you don’t go over your budget and overspend. The median home value in Washington DC is $667,932, but there are so many factors that contribute to that. The most important factors are:

  • Location,
  • Size and layout,
  • Educational opportunities,
  • Commuting system.
Washington DC street
People have different desires and wish when house-hunting in Washington DC, so it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for


Location can have a significant impact on home prices in Washington DC. The most expensive neighborhoods in DC tend to be those that are located in the central part of the city, like Dupont Circle, Georgetown, and Kalorama. These neighborhoods are known for their historic charm, tree-lined streets, and proximity to some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. On the other hand, the neighborhoods with the cheapest homes on the market are located further away. Anacostia and Congress Heights are some of the most affordable ones. They have a more suburban feel, which appeals to a lot of buyers. A lot of people from outside of the state are looking for homes in this area. If you are one of them, make sure to use the services of the best long distance movers DC you can find. 

Size and layout 

The size and layout of a home contribute greatly to its price. If you are house-searching in Washington DC, you’ll realize that soon enough. Single-family homes tend to be more expensive than condos and townhouses. The condition, age, and amount of renovation done can greatly affect the price. Homes with open floor plans, high ceilings, and large windows tend to be more expensive, as they are considered more desirable and modern. On the other hand, studio apartments and one-bedroom condos are more affordable. Townhouses and row houses are also cheaper than larger single-family homes. Of course, the location of the home is a big factor, as we’ve already mentioned. It’s always best to research and compare prices and consult a real estate professional. 

Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves

When you hunt a house in Washington DC, it’s best to start it with a clear set of expectations and wishes. First, make a list of must-haves. Those are the things you want and need to have in your home. It can be anything, from the size, and the number of rooms, to things like a garden, pool, etc. After that, make a list of nice-to-haves. Those will be the things you can live without but would prefer to have. Any real estate agent will tell you that it’s not likely that you will get everything from your must-have list, but that the goal is to find a home with most of those things within your budget.

Houses in Washington DC
There are homes of all types and sizes available in Washington DC

School district

If you are house-hunting in Washington DC with a family, you should take schools into account as a big factor. You want your children to have the best education possible, and Washington is full of amazing schools. This, in turn, can affect the price of the home you are looking at. Homes located in neighborhoods with top-rated school districts tend to be more expensive than the ones in lower-rated ones. Families with children often prioritize this and are willing to pay more for a home in a desirable school district. Some of the best school districts in Washington are Mercer Island, Bellevue, and Bainbridge Island. They are known for their high academic standards, both in their private and public schools. 


Commutes can have a big impact on home prices in Washington DC. Homes located in places that are close to public transportation and major highways tend to be more expensive. This is because these homes are more accessible and offer a more convenient route to work, school, and other places. Homes located in Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle, and Georgetown are considered to be the most expensive ones. On the other hand, homes located in places like Anacostia and Congress Heights tend to be more affordable. It’s also important to consider the traffic conditions in the area you are considering. Washington DC can have heavy traffic during rush hours and it’s important to have a location that makes your commute as easy as possible. 

Bonus tip: You can save up some money on moving by choosing a home with a more accessible and shorter commute. That’s because your residential movers DC area offers would take less time and effort to facilitate your move.

View in Washington DC
Washington DC has congested traffic during rush hour, so the commute is a big factor for people who are house-hunting there

Real Estate Agents Can Help You When House-Hunting in Washington DC 

When looking for a house in Washington DC, the best thing you can do is rely on real estate agents. The market is very deep and competitive, and you need someone with knowledge and experience to help you out. Choosing the right real estate agent is equally important as finding the best moving companies Washington DC has to offer. Both of them will make your relocation a much more enjoyable and stress-free experience!

Finding a House Is Easy With the Right Tips

Even though it seems like a difficult task, when you know where to start and what steps to follow, house-hunting in Washington DC is easy. Know what you want, organize accordingly, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. You will find a house successfully.

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