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Hidden gems of NYC to explore after moving

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A lot of people desire to move to NYC. With so many famous attractions to see and visit, NYC has become the most popular city in the whole world. But when you actually do manage to move to NYC and start your new life, there are a lot of hidden gems of NYC you can explore. Do not be afraid to dig deeper and explore the whole of NYC. There are secret treasures that can be found pretty easily. So, when you plan the relocation to New York City, make sure you get help from the most reliable budget movers DMV. And while you get packed and prepared for the move, you can do some research about this place and prepare every free time you can get to get to know NYC.

Why do people move to NYC?

NYC has five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and State Island. Because of this NYC is thought to be the most ethnically diverse community in the USA. Around 35 percent of residents are actually foreign-born. A diverse lifestyle is one of the reasons people move here. So if you are looking for a fresh start, this might be the perfect opportunity. Public transportation is reasonably priced and everyone can afford it. This well-organized transportation means that once you move here you will not have to worry about gas anymore. Most people even sell their cars, so that they have more savings after the relocation. Since you will not be needing a car, because everything is maybe just a few blocks away from you, you can save more money for long distance movers DC you want to hire for the relocation.

woman looking at NYC from building
Explore the hidden gems of NYC

Hidden gems of NYC you should explore

When you move to NYC do not act like a typical tourist, visiting only the most famous attractions here. If you have taken a few days off for moving from DC to NYC, use those days to explore and get to know the city instead of organizing all of your boxes.

Whispering Gallery

This is a place that comes to the first place on the list of the most romantic secret treasurers in NYC. It has some of the best-planned architecture lays. There are plenty of secretive walls which allow you to travel across the does ceiling. Because of this, when you stand on one side of the room, you can hear people all the way on the other side. Even when they are whispering. Plus, this place is so easy to find. It is in front of the most famous Oyster Bar. So, when you come to your new home exhausted after the move, you can grab a meal and visit one of the most famous hidden gems of NYC.

Elevated Acre is one of the greatest hidden gems of NYC

NYC is a city that has many buildings and layers of concrete. But, hold on. Even though his place is surrounded by skylines, there is a little spot full of nature right in the middle of NYC. Between two skyscrapers you will find grassy space. This is a perfect getaway from the city, while you are still in the center. Pretty exciting right? It is a very urban oasis and it will give you a chance to enjoy several craft beers and have fun while being just a few feet away from the street and busy people. So if you did not want to move to NYC because there is no place to get in touch with nature you were wrong. And now that you know that this place is perfect for you, that has it all, do not hesitate to hire moving companies Washington DC has and relocate.

How can a subway stop be a hidden gem?

Well, it is easy. NYC has the first subway station opened to the public. There was a single platform which now is a part of the loop that 6 trains go through from Brooklyn Bridge downtown around to the uptown local platform. Even though this place is not open for the public now, you can always sneak peek if you stay on the 6 train after the final stop.

man on a subway
There are hidden gems in the most popular places, you just have to look carefully.

Rockefeller Center

Being the top destination for the tourist, Rockefeller Center has to offer an ice skating rink, massive flowering sculpture, and the greatest Christmas tree. But there is a hidden gem of NYC that no one knows of. It is a place on the rooftops that provides you with the greatest views of the town and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. And if you are a fan of Spiderman and you have watched all the movies, you will be able to see and experience the most iconic scene from the movie right here in one of the hidden gems of NYC.

One of the most interesting hidden gems of NYC is the Renwick Hospital

It is in an ivy-clad gothic building and it was the top center for smallpox treatment. People were healing there until the 1950s when it was forced to close. But nowadays, you can only see some of the outer walls and the foundation stand. The Restauration of this place is late but you can still organize to visit this aged building and cross this from your checklist. You will still have time to see one part of the history of the famous healing of smallpox.

sky view of hidden gems of NYC
Take some time off and explore the city.

Living in NYC has a lot of benefits. But exploring and finding hidden gems of NYC is something that is priceless. You can see how this place and the whole world have been growing through history. You can feel and smell the taste of the people who used to live here and live a normal life, just like you are doing right now. Being able to know the city that is going to be your home from its roots is incredible. And since NYC has a rich history, who knows what else you might bump into once you start exploring.

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