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Now that you have decided on moving from Maryland to Virginia, you must organize and start preparing for this journey. Usually, everything is much easier if you have a proper moving budget. But if you have a tight budget, then you must know the exact moving price and prepare for it. And there are hidden costs of moving interstate that you should know about before you hire any moving company. This is something that can hinder your progress significantly if you are not prepared for it. Let’s make sure this does not happen.

Obtain moving quotes to easier realize the hidden costs of moving interstate

After inspecting your home and obtaining the basic info about your relocation, you will start looking for moving companies Maryland. You can’t know the exact moving price unless they provide you with the moving quote. And they will, once you provide the info you have gathered. Movers will use it to calculate the price and offer much-needed moving services. But as we have said before, there are hidden costs of moving interstate you might not be aware of. These costs are tied to labor, transportation, environmental issues, and more. If you opt for binding estimates, you can settle down with a fixed price and never worry about hidden costs. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable with non-binding estimates, then a moving price can change along the way without you even knowing about it. This is something you should be mindful of right from the start.

let movers provide estimates and realize hidden costs of moving interstate
Schedule onsite estimates and let movers provide a precise moving quote.

Obstacles that can increase your final moving price

You must communicate clearly with your interstate movers Maryland if you want to avoid unpleasant situations. Your movers are obligated to inform you about all moving costs. But there are some that are situational, and you can’t know if you do not ask. And as we have already mentioned, usually those are the following:

  • Packing-related hidden costs.
  • The hidden costs tied to missed pickup or delivery times.
  • Additional services added along the way can increase your final bill.
  • Hidden costs as a result of unexpected resource spending.
  • Environmental challenges.

The most common mistake you can make is not to report that there is no elevator in the building. Or if you tell your movers there is one, but it is not working. Such situations can increase your moving price unnecessarily. Some moving companies will tell you right away while others will simply deliver the increased bill.

Packing-related hidden costs

Something that can slow everything down and generate hidden costs of moving interstate are the packing-related mistakes. Firstly, you must purchase enough packing materials to ensure you’ll be packed and ready before the movers arrive. Also, all your items must be packed safely with no items protruding from boxes. If your movers must pack something and you agreed that you’ll pack everything before they arrive, you will pay more. The same goes for assembling and disassembling. You can always ask your movers on the spot if they charge additional services and decide if you want them to do it or not. But if you ask for movers to disassemble your furniture and don’t ask if it will be charged, you might end up paying between $200 and $500 more.

mover evaluating a pile of cardboard boxes
There are numerous packing-related hidden costs. Talk to your movers about it before you purchase any service.

Of course, you can avoid most of it before you sign a moving contract. You just have to ask your movers what they are going to charge. There are moving services, road tolls, and special requests that can fall under a hidden cost category. If you ask all relevant questions, there will be none.

Honor your part of the deal

No matter if you are moving from Maryland to North Carolina or just around the corner, you must treat your moving project seriously. One must honor their part of the deal as well as the other side. Obviously, you can’t control what your moving company will do but you can focus on covering your part. But you will significantly lower the chances of any moving mishaps if you do everything you can before your movers arrive.

If you set everything right and complete or preparation stages adequately, you won’t hurt your moving budget, damage your belongings, or have any injuries involved. So, make sure everyone is aware of the scheduled time for the pickup, moving costs and services, and everything included in the moving contract. Also, try to obtain moving insurance just to stay on the safe side.

There are quite a few hidden costs of moving interstate, and you know the most important ones. You should be able to prepare adequately and organize a safe and affordable relocation. If you find a reputable moving company, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Good luck.


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