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Handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland at the same time

Moving done

Handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland at the same time can be extremely stressful. You don’t just need Maryland movers for your home, but also your office. That means you’ll have to do everything twice. But don’t worry, with a few helpful hints from us, this process will be a lot easier. We will assist you in remaining focused and organized. So take a step back and carefully read how to handle this situation.

Find similarities in processes when handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland

Because every relocation is similar, try to find out what you need to do for both residential and commercial moving. You don’t need to buy different packing supplies; just buy more of the same. You will need boxes, markers, duct tape, and so on. Explore the Maryland house and office market, or hire a real estate agent to find you a new home and office. Find reliable interstate movers Maryland to help you relocate. You can choose the same or different company for business and home relocation. We recommend you use the same company, so you don’t get lost in communication with two different ones.

When handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland you can use the same packing supplies
You will need a lot of post it paper to mark your boxes!

Most important things to do for residential relocation in Maryland

Create a list of your belongings

The list should include everything you intend to move into your new Maryland business place. In general, you can have one long list, but we recommend giving each employee one sheet of paper. Then they can make a list of everything they own and assign some of the staff to ensure that everything on the list is transported by commercial movers Maryland.

Don’t move into your new office with old debts

Examine the current lease. Ascertain that the deposit will not be lost. Gather all of your bills to see if there is anything you owe. Check to see if you owe some employees their salaries, particularly those who will not be accompanying you to Maryland. You can even give them a bonus for all of their hard work for you over the years. Check to see if you owe anything to your clients, and if you do, pay them. When you have settled all of your debts, you can start over in Maryland. We recommend that everyone do so, whether they are moving from Maryland to North Carolina or anywhere else. A new beginning can be beneficial to the company.

Update your documents and make a copy of your data

Change the address on business cards, return labels, and other documents. Back up all of your computer data. You can use software, such as Google Drive, to save all of your data. Alternatively, you can use a traditional flash drive to avoid being hacked. If you choose this option, we recommend that you provide each employee with a flash drive to back up their files from each computer.

Most important things to do for home relocation in Maryland

Because there are many potential complications when moving your office, we recommend that you pack your home first. When you do this, you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines or encountering complications when moving your business. First, declutter your belongings. Decide what to toss, keep, sell, or donate. Then, in each room, set up packing stations. This will assist you in keeping everything organized and neat. Then pack everything you’ll need to move into your new home. Mark your boxes and organize them by room. For example, if your boxes are going into your new kitchen, mark them with green color.

Unpacked boxes in middle of room
When handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland pack belongings from your home first!

Get all of the help you can

You will undoubtedly be preoccupied with two relocation processes, so seek all assistance you can. Sure, you’ll have help from your moving company, but you’ll need more. Don’t be afraid to seek help from your friends and family. You can even have a good time packing. Having help can help you stay on track and finish tasks more quickly. That is why you will require the assistance of your coworkers. If you are with your favorite people, you will not be stressed. If your friends are unable to assist you, hire services that can. For example, after you have finished moving, you can hire a cleaning service to clean up any mess that has been left behind.

Send notices

When handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland, you will need to send out notices in both cases. Here are the most important ones you must send:

  • friends and family – be sure to tell them that you are moving and give them your new Maryland address
  • documents – you will need to update the address on all of your documents, and check Maryland laws to see what needs to be updated or changed.
  • clients – send out personal notes and maybe even gift baskets to your clients, and keep them updated if you want to continue your good business cooperation
Person Signing in Documentation Paper
Update all of your documents!

Bonus: basic information about Maryland

Maryland is a state in the United States Mid-Atlantic region. It is bounded to the south and west by Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia; to the north by Pennsylvania; and to the east by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean. The nicknames for the state are the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State. Maryland has a diverse topography, which contributes to its nickname “America in Miniature.” According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Maryland’s gross state product in 2016 was $382.4 billion. Maryland has a population of 6,177,224 people, ranking 18th in the country, according to the 2020 census. The best places to live and work in Maryland are the town of Chevy Chase, North Potomac, Rockville… So, these are the best place to be handling residential and commercial relocation in Maryland, also. With our help, you will make it!

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