Best small towns to start a business in Maryland

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Maryland is a state that attracts people from all walks of life. Some want to retire there, some want to move with their families, or start one in Maryland, and so on. Of course, a lot of people wish to relocate there in order to start their business. The state is affordable and has great infrastructure, so no wonder people are flocking to Maryland for work and job opportunities. In this article, we will focus on the best small towns to start a business in Maryland. Through our work and experience as one of the best movers Maryland has to offer, we’ve seen firsthand how great these cities are and why we think they are the best fit for starting a business.


Starting off our list of the best small towns to start a business in Maryland is Vienna. It didn’t get its name after the Austrian capital, as many people assume. Located on the Nanticoke river, it’s a popular destination for many people who enjoy fishing, canoeing, and similar activities. It has many great local wineries and distilleries, so producing beverages is the main activity and source of income for many residents. Of course, along with owning small pubs and restaurants where tourists can kick back and enjoy the sights.

People canoeing on a river
Vienna is one of the best small towns to start a business in Maryland since it attracts many people to come and enjoy activities on the water

Ocean City

Ocean City is one of the most popular resort destinations in Maryland. It has 6,944 people living there. During the summer, many people from all over Maryland and the US in general flock to this great town to escape the noise and relax. Like most cities on the coast, it provides plenty of great dining places and great accommodations. This is the perfect place for you if you are in the hospitality business or wish to enter that world. The people there are very welcoming to newcomers, so you’ll have no problems blending. Many people from landlocked cities, like Rockville, move to the likes of Ocean City for a complete switch in their lifestyle. Search for the best moving companies Rockville MD has to offer, choose the one that suits your needs, and start planning your relocation to Ocean City and opening your business there! 

New Market, a great Maryland small town for business owners

New Market is known as the antique capital of Maryland. It was an important spot in the Baltimore and Frederick trade route back when it was first established, and remains one to this day. Main Street in New Market has an abundance of antique shops, much more than restaurants and cafes! Since it’s a town that was founded on the above-mentioned trade route, trading and business, in general, are its staples. Apart from that, it also hosts some fun festivals that remind people of the old days of the 18th and 19th centuries. Those festivals are Christmas in New Market and A Day in New Market. It’s fun not just for the locals, but tourists as well.

Woman in front of an antique vase and mirror in New Market, one of the best small cities to start a business in Maryland
Antiques are a big thing in New Market, so if you’re in this industry, make sure you go there to start your small Maryland business!

St Mary’s City

This unique small city was the first European settlement and capital in Maryland! It’s a tourist attraction because of its history, and there are many more things you can learn while in St Mary’s City apart from the US settlement history. There are plenty of museums and tours that leave a lasting impression. The staff is even dressed in attire from that period and they recreate historical events to the amusement of the spectators. Has around 1000 people living there, but the number jumps to over 2500 during spring and fall due to college students living there while studying in neighboring cities with great universities. So with tourists and students frequently coming to this town, you can see the potential of starting your business in St Mary’s City. 


Another entry on this list sounds like a European capital. Berlin got its name after Burleigh Inn, an old tavern that was located there. Berlin is the home of 4,866 people. The average home price is $266,908 and the average rent revolves at around $973. The cost of living index there is also quite lower than the US average, and it stands at 81.4, It’s a good place to move to due to the affordability of living there. It opens your budget up to invest in your business in Berlin. Berlin is a popular destination for hunters and fishing enthusiasts. That, along with a rise in population, has revitalized the town, especially it’s downtown. It became a tourist attraction thanks to these factors. It’s a good small Maryland town to start your business in. 

Crisfield, a great small town in Maryland to start a business 

This small Maryland town is a great one to start your business in! Why, you may ask. Crisfield is considered the seafood capital of the world! The town has 2,671 residents, but the community is tight-knit and feels much larger than it is. It also hosts some very fun festivals like the National Hard Crab Derby. It’s a, you guessed it, crab-themed festival with crab races, cookouts, live entertainment, and many other fun activities. Apart from that, people love to visit this town because they can rent a boat and explore Smith Island and Tangier Islands, known for their beautiful marine life. If you’re in hospitality, fishing, or other similar industry, this might be the right place for you. If you plan to relocate your business to Crisfield, use only the best commercial movers Maryland has at its disposal for a smooth transition.

Crabs on a plate
Crisfield is known for its crabs and many other fun activities, so it’s a great place to start your small business in Maryland


The last entry on this list of small towns to start a business in Maryland is Thurmont. Thurmont is nicknamed the Gateway to the mountains, as it is quite close to the Pennsylvania border. It is also adjacent to two beautiful state parks. The first one is Catoctin Mountain park, which includes a part of the Appalachian Mountains. The second one is Cunningham Falls State park, with a jaw-dropping view of the largest cascading waterfall in Maryland. It also hosts an art festival that attracts over 125,000 people each year, called the Catoctin Colorfest. This is a great town for your business if you are into hospitality or arts and crafts! If you are one of many people who relocate from Silver Spring to Thurmont, contact the most reliable moving companies Silver Spring MD has to offer to start your relocation process to this great small town! 


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