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Best school districts in DMV area

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Having a good education can make all the difference in life. Every parent wants their child to attend a good school. If you are moving to the DMV area with your kids and looking for a suitable school district for them, you will indeed have a tough time. The best way to pick one is by researching. If you know what school districts are available in the area you are looking in then all that’s left is to pick one. We made a list of the best school districts in DMV area and described them in this article. When you read the article, you will have a better idea about each one of them. That way you’ll pick the most suitable one for your kids. The local movers DC are here to help you find the best school districts in DMV area and assist you in any way we can.

How to find the right school?

There are many things to consider when choosing the school for your kids. First, the location. The closer you are to the school the better. Traveling to a school that is far away will be time-consuming and tiring for your kids. If you are moving to the DMV area with kids, we suggest that you move to the area of the school district you choose for them. You will save them some time and won’t need to worry about how they are going to get to school.

A picture representing the Best school districts in DMV area
Read the article carefully and decide which school district suits you the best

Another thing to consider is the price of homes in that area. You might want to save some money on moving so we recommend that you hire affordable movers DC and their services. Also, make sure to take into account the wishes of your kids as well. After all, they are the ones that will go to the school and if they like it, then it will be easier for them to adapt and get used to the school. There are the best school districts in DMV area, but that doesn’t mean each is perfect for your kid.

How to choose the school district for your kids?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the school district is a reliable indicator of the schools in it. Provided that there are positive reviews of the district then it must mean it is a good educational option. There are many parameters when it comes to the quality of a school district. Everything is taken into account. Don’t worry though. Because all you need to know is what are the best ones in the area you are looking to move to.

There are many good school districts in DMV area but we listed just the best ones. You should research more about them on your own especially if you are moving from far away and require long distance movers DC to help you with the move. Make sure that you consider everything written below before you choose the right school district.

Listing the best school districts in the DMV area

The list we made contains school districts from various parts of the DMV area. You should look to live in a part of the DMV area that suits you the most but still for it to be in a good school district. Among these school districts, there will surely be one that matches all your preferences. The districts listed below are in no particular order. Now, without further ado let’s get right into our list of our best school districts in DMV area and help you find the best one for you.

Washington Latin Public Charter Schools

Washington Latin is a liberal art, college preparatory school located in the Northwest. It features middle and upper school serving grades 5-12. It is one of the highest-rated schools in the area and for a reason. Their approach to education is unique. The school program is not designed just for teaching the students subjects and limiting their education to them.

teacher teaching students
Always see what else besides education the school has to offer

The school is all about helping the students become better people. They teach the students to contribute to the public good and be of use to society. The school reviews speak for themselves. You can also visit the school’s website to learn more about its program and what they offer. It is a popular choice among the school districts in Washington D.C. If you have any questions about the area the school is located in, you can ask Washington DC movers for assistance.

Falls Church City Public Schools

Falls Church City Public Schools is one of nine K-12 International Baccalaureate Continuum school divisions in America. It is made up of five different schools. The school district is known for its innovative approach to education. The school program is international kind and it also offers tuition to students who don’t live in the City of Falls Church. All five schools in the district are K-12 certified. There are many more qualities the district has to offer. It is certified for a reason and everyone studying here can expect a bright future. Since it is a small city there are no moving companies present here, provided that you wish to move here. But there are movers Gaithersburg MD nearby who are always ready to help you and your kids move here to pursue their education.

Arlington Public Schools

Another well-known school district in DMV area. The schools here are culture-oriented and students are taught many useful things besides standard subjects. The school program practices an interactive type of learning. The program has high acceptance rates to top elite universities and colleges. For that reason, this can be one of the best choices for your children.

kids playing basketball
Among the best school districts in DMV area there isn’t a single one that stands out, it’s a matter of personal preferences

The district is also a great area for living and it is popular with people moving to the DMV area. If you decide to move to Arlington and send your kids to some of the schools here then the local movers MD will be able to assist you. Choosing Arlington district is a great choice for both you and your kids.

Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools is a highly-rated, public school district located in Rockville, MD. Throughout the district, many schools that offer numerous activities. Of course, all the important subjects are present in the school program. This school district has the highest graduation rate in all of Maryland. This is all because of the quality of the tuition and the teachers that work here. The school district is diverse and teaches all the beneficial things to its students. A bonus thing about Montgomery County is that living here is affordable so you might want to include that in your decision. But before you hire moving services Maryland research a bit. Find out what school would suit your kids the most, and find some of the best school districts in DMV area to do so.

Loudoun County Public Schools

LCPS is known for putting the children’s interests and enrichment first. Everyone in the school district involved in education works together to make the kids better citizens. Each one of the staff members is dedicated and focused on development and enrichment. It is more focused on all-around achievement than only academics focus for the children. This can be a great choice for the children who are not that much focused on studying. This is why among some of the best school districts in DMV area you need to find the right one for your kid.
researching is the best way of knowing what are the best school districts in DMV area
The school district should offer several educational opportunities
It is an amazing experience for students. LCPS provides many opportunities for individual advancement and provides an abundance of classes for students to take. They provide students with technology to complete work at homes such as iPads or Chromebooks.

Charles County Public Schools

Once again, a school district located in Maryland. It is located in La Plata, MD and it is an above-average public school district. It is ranked high when it comes to teachers, diversity, and activities. Living in La Plata MD is also affordable so this is a good place for a family. With its known teaching methods and many educational activities, the Charles County School District is one of the most popular ones in Maryland. Similarly to Loudoun County, if you want to move here you will have to hire nearby movers. The movers Germantown MD have experience with assisting families moving here. Charles County is a popular choice for people with kids because of the quality of the education its school district provides.

Prince William County Public Schools

Prince William County School District is located in Manassas, VA. The average test scores in this district is one of the highest on this list. This just speaks of the quality of the education the students are getting. The academics are unique because they offer different subject. It is determined by the grade a student is in. Prince William County Public Schools have sport as an activity when the student reaches middle school. The thing this school district is most known for is its teachers. They are dedicated to students and will always go the extra mile to assist them in any way they can. The environment in the Prince William County School District is very welcoming to the students. It is an excellent choice overall.

Fairfax County Public Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools is a school district located in Falls Church, VA. The situation with the average test scores here is similar to the PWC school district. The school program is well-organized and the teachers are helpful and pleasant. The teachers here are willing to push students and give them the support they need.

kids sitting in a circle
It is important that the school your child attends supports friendly behavior and communication

They take problems like bullying, mental health, and financial issues very seriously. They pay attention to not only school program but students as individuals. Every school in this district adequately addresses students’ academic needs. It also has excellent grades in every possible field.

District of Columbia Public Schools

District of Columbia Public Schools is in Washington, DC. It has above-average rating test scores. The ratings of the teachers, diversity, and activities are all very good. This school district is known for its cultural diversity and the overall friendliness of both the staff and the students. The college preparation program is very good as well. Most of the students that were attending the schools in this district have positive reviews. Some of the schools here even have college events for their students. During these events, the students visit colleges they wish to attend and they can see what it feels like to attend a college. If you are moving to Washington D.C. with your kids then this might be a suitable school district for them. So, consider this option very well and don’t wait for too long.

Learn written
Your kids will learn a lot in the best schools district

Choosing the best school districts in DMV area

These are all great options for education. It all comes down to which school district your kids would feel most comfortable in and what is your location preference. Take all the time that you need and consult them about it. The best choice would be a school district that is situated in a nice residential city. Both you and your kids will have it easier that way. The DMV area offers many opportunities when it comes to education so make sure you use them. Consider all the best school districts in DMV area we have listed above and make the right choice. If you want more information about the area, try visiting the Washington D.C. official website and learn more about it. Good luck with finding the right school district and happy moving!

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