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The DMV area, or the Washington Metropolitan Area, is one of the most popular places in the US for young professionals and families. It consists of Washington DC and parts of Maryland, Virginia, and North Virginia. As of the 2020 census, it has a population of 6,385,162 residents. The area is known for many things like excellent schools, a competitive job market, history, and so on. It’s no wonder why so many people wish to relocate here. We at Helix Moving & Storage have been a part of many relocations so we’ve seen firsthand what are the best places to rent home in DMV area. We’ll list our favorite ones in this article.

Arlington, VA – one of the best places to rent home in DMV area

Arlington is a city in Virginia with a population of 233,464. It is rated as the second-best city to live in in the entire United States! Many people choose this city to live in because of its proximity to the nation’s capital. A lot of Arlington residents either work for the federal government or work in the private sector with close ties to it. It has a low crime rate which makes it the perfect place to be. However, due to all of the things mentioned, this city can cost you a pretty penny. The cost of living index in Arlington is 161.1, which means people there pay 61% more for housing and utilities than the average American. The average rent there is $2,564, but that of course depends on the size of the home and neighborhood. This average is relative to an apartment of 862 sq. ft.

World War I monument
Arlington is one of the best places to rent home in DMV area due to all the opportunities you can get there!

If Arlington is one of those places where you simply have to live, don’t hesitate to take that job opportunity and start your new life there! Get in touch with the most reliable movers Arlington VA has to offer, and start organizing your relocation there as soon as you can. 

Alexandria, VA

This great city of 158,309 residents is ranked as the 11th best city for young professionals in the US. It is also very close to Washington DC, and people move here for the same reasons, just like in Arlington. A fun fact about Alexandria is that it is older than the United States itself. It was founded in 1749. You can’t walk more than a few feet without seeing some cultural landmark dedicated to George Washington or the birth of our great nation. The average rent in Alexandria is $2,049, while the cost of living index is 140. It’s more affordable than Arlington, while also being one of the best places to rent home in DMV area. There are many great houses and apartments available on the market in Alexandria, so make sure you dig deep and don’t miss out on a great opportunity. 

Falls Church, VA

Falls Church is a city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with a population of almost 15,000 people. It’s definitely on the smaller end of the scale compared to other cities, but it is a great place to live regardless. Washington DC is very near, so whenever you feel like spending time in a big city, you can easily get there. The average rent in Falls Church is $2,000 for an apartment size of 895 sq. ft. The most affordable neighborhoods in Falls Church are Ada Grove and Autumn Chase. The cost of the living index there is 150, but not everything is just as expensive. For instance, residents of Falls Church pay 10% less than the average US citizen for utilities and groceries. Moving companies Northern VA has to offer are also affordable and reliable, so all the more reason to move there.

Washington DC streets at night, one of the best places to rent home in DMV area
The DMV area has many great cities where you can rent a great home, carefully choose your next city so you don’t miss out on anything!

Takoma Park, MD

Takoma Park in Maryland is one of the best places in DMV area. It is a town with 17,629 residents living in it. The cost of living index is 149, while the average rent there is $1,621. It is known for its blossoming arts and music scene, with a lot of festivals and galleries that you can visit all year long. It also has a very strong program regarding recycling or going green in general. They try to reduce their carbon footprint and waste food and water as little as they can. A fun fact about Takoma Park is that it’s one of the few cities in the US that allows 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections! 

Rockville, MD

Rockville is yet another great city in Maryland that belongs in the DMV area. It is named in many lists and magazines as one of the best cities for families, women entrepreneurs, and young professionals. This suburb of Washington DC has 67.139 residents living there. The average rent value in Rockville is $2,191 while the cost of living index is 139. It offers many great activities for people of all ages. Lake Needwood is one of those places where you will de spending a lot of your free time! There are also a lot of great museums, bars, and galleries in Rockville, so if this sounds appealing find the perfect job and home and start packing!

Rockville streets, one of the best places to rent home in DMV area
Rockville is a great city for people of all ages, therefore definitely one of the best places to rent a home in

Capitol Hill – the obvious choice when it comes to the best places to rent a home in DMV

The final entry in our list of best places to rent home in DMV area is Capitol Hill. This Washington DC suburb is rhe hotspot for many young professionals and entrepreneurs. Since we are talking about the nation’s capital, it’s no surprise the average rent there is $2,340 while the cost of living index is 150. However, it is well worth the price tag! Many people are getting in touch with trustworthy movers West Virginia, Maryland, and other states have to offer while trying to land their dream job. Even though there are jobs and homes available, don’t wait too long. You’ll miss out on all the great opportunities that await you there. We’ll make sure your relocation is enjoyable so you can start your stay there on a high note!


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