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Best places to live in Maryland when working remotely

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Times are changing – we all know that and sometimes the change can be scary. Nowadays, many people work online – they are called remote workers. If you are one of those and if you are looking into the best places to live in Maryland when working remotely, be sure to check out this article before hiring budget movers DMV. We have prepared a comprehensive overview of all the best places in Maryland that you can move to as a remote worker. We are sure that you will find your place under the sky easily once you read this post.

Before choosing the right place ask yourself – why do I want to live in Maryland?

Many people decide to move to Maryland. Some do it for fun, others for family. Some of us move there for work. Providing that you don’t fall into any of the categories that we mentioned since you are a remote worker, you have a bigger choice. Basically, remote workers can move anywhere – it’s just a matter of your choice. The state of Maryland is a good option for everyone in our opinion. The main reason is basically that it offers a bit of everything. Prices are not very high. The weather is really nice and mild. There are many educational centers and a good program for enriching the knowledge that you have. If you are more outgoing, Maryland is also a good place for you – there are many restaurants and bars throughout the state.

Rockville – our first pick when it comes to places to live in Maryland when working remotely

A seat of Montgomery County, the city of Rockville is a picturesque place with just over 65 000 residents living in it. Climate is humid subtropical which means that summers are hot and dry and winters are cold. The main thing this place is known for is the astonishing nature – it offers many parks and great outdoors. If you want to indulge yourself in an outdoor recreational activity in your new home, Rockville is a place for you to be. Movers Rockville MD are affordable even though the median price of living is higher than compared to other places in Maryland by around 25%. If you are willing to pay that price, we are sure that you will have a bast in this beautiful city.

A park and a lot of people in it
Having a nice place to relax and enjoy nature is important

Olney – a place for you and your family to live in Maryland

At our next stop, we are taking you to the quiet city of Olney. Just 25 miles south of DC, this attractive city is a home of 36 000 residents. The city’s origin dates back to 1800 when it was founded. First a farmland, then home for artists, Olney developed into a family-oriented city and that’s why movers Olney MD advise you to check out this place. If you are moving with a family, things can get tricky. You need to account for the following things:

  • Education for your kids
  • Housing prices
  • Safety issues
  • Distance to local shops, supermarkets, and stores

Olney has it all. Several schools are found just near the city center. Housing prices are higher than last year and growing, currently at around $650 000 on average so you need to act quickly. It is one of the safest places to be – it is considered one of the 100 safest places in the entire country. There are many shops and supermarkets available to you.

Columbia – one of the high-end places to live in Maryland when working remotely

What if we tell you that you can live in the same place where Oprah grew up? That’s the city of Columbia, a great place for all (who can afford it) to enjoy. Before we get into the advantages of this place, we need to inform you of something – prices are around 30% more expensive and housing is 150% higher than in the rest of the state. The main reason is the fact that the city is growing rapidly and there are numerous job opportunities. Many people exploit this and move to Columbia.

A shopping center
Having a shopping center is a good reason to put Columbia on the best places to live in Maryland when working remotely list

Besides job opportunities, Columbia offers a great cultural scene. There are numerous events happening annually and we are sure that you would enjoy them. Maybe the most known building in this place is the shopping mall – a place where you can pretty much get anything you want. For nature lovers, lake Kittamaqundu is near the city and available to go on a picnic or stroll down it. Several local breweries are here as well – maybe you can check them out after you finish with all the museums that the city has.

North Potomac – a family and eco-friendly place for remote workers

Since you are a remote worker, we assume that having an eco-friendly place is important for you. After all, since you are not burdened with commuting to a company through the busy streets of a large city, why should you choose anything less than perfect for you and your family. North Potomac is one of those places – whoever came to this city said the same thing: It’s great for walking. Basically, it feels like you are living in a mountain. The air is fresh, there are trees everywhere and the parks are out of this world. But before you start looking into moving services Maryland, see what apartments are available for purchasing and renting. The reason is that demand is really high nowadays. Fewer and fewer people want to live in a big city and North Potomac is a good alternative to that.

Having mountains near a home is very important for people who look forplaces to live in Maryland when working remotely
Imagine yourself picnicking here – it seems like heaven, doesn’t it?

Final thoughts on the best places to live in Maryland when working remotely

We hope that after reading this you have a clearer picture of what life in Maryland looks like. You see that staying green and being eco-friendly is a big thing here. There is no reason this will change in the future – that’s why there are so many great places to live in Maryland when working remotely. Whatever your choice may be, we are sure that you won’t regret it.

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