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Best places in Maryland for single parents

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Many people are deciding to move to Maryland as the state offers plenty of good opportunities with an affordable cost of living. Be it individuals, families, or single parents, people of all ages and demographics are deciding to make Maryland their home. That’s perfectly understandable, as Maryland is rated in the top 20 states to live in the US. It has great schools, a good infrastructure, it’s affordable, and many other great things. In this article, we’ll focus on the best places in Maryland for single parents. We’re one of the best moving companies in Maryland and through our work, we’ve seen firsthand how great these cities are.

Baltimore is one of the most popular cities

We’ll start with the most obvious choice. Baltimore is Maryland’s biggest and most popular city, and one of the best places in Maryland for single parents. It’s a coastal town lying on the Patapsco River and is the home of 585,708 people. Average home value is $179,000, and average rent is $1,090. This is a town with many job opportunities, as it’s the hub of Maryland’s imports and export. It also has a vibrant nightlife and many clubs and cafes, so meeting new people will be very easy for you. As far as your kid’s needs go, Baltimore has some of the best public schools in Maryland, like the Honeygo Elementary School. If all of this sounds appealing to you, find the right local movers MD for you and start planning your relocation to Baltimore!

Baltimore is one of the best places in Maryland for single parents
Baltimore is a great big city with plenty of opportunities for single parents to start their new life

Columbia offers many job opportunities

Next up on this list is Columbia, a town with a population of 104,726 people. It’s compromised of 10 self-contained villages and all of them are a great fit for single parents. It’s a smaller city than Baltimore, but it nevertheless provides everything you need for a happy life. Average home value is $402,200 and average rent is $1,751. Many job opportunities await you as Columbia is home to a lot of major companies’ headquarters. It also has great public and private schools, and the best public one is The Howard County public school. Of course, they can enjoy plenty of other fun activities as Columbia has a wide variety of arcades, parks, rides, and so on. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to move there when you get it. Find the best moving companies Potomac MD has to offer to make your move an enjoyable experience.

a city by the water at night
Columbia is one of the best places in Maryland for single parents, both you and your kids will definitely enjoy it!

Brunswick is one of the best and cheapest places in Maryland for single parents

Finally, we’ve chosen the small town of Brunswick as our final entry on this list. It has a population of a little over 600o residents. If you enjoy peace and quiet, we recommend this great town. It’s an affordable and safe town with a close-knit community and that’s something many single parents prefer. Brunswick, MD attracts a lot of people due to its affordability as that is a key factor for many of us. The average home price is $247,338 which is $100,000 less than the state’s average. The average rent goes at around $900.

Discover North Potomac’s charms

North Potomac stands out as a top choice for single parents seeking a blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. With a population of over 24,000, this area offers a scenic, family-friendly setting close to Washington, D.C. The average home value here hits around $600,000, while rent for a comfortable family home averages about $2,200 monthly. Key benefits to consider when hiring movers North Potomac relies on:

  • Top-Rated Schools: Quince Orchard High, Thomas Wootton High, and Stone Mill Elementary rank among the best.
  • Community Safety: North Potomac reports significantly lower crime rates compared to national averages.
  • Outdoor and Leisure Activities: Enjoy Potomac Horse Center, Cabin John Regional Park, and Big Pines Local Park.
  • Health and Wellness: Facilities like Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center provide top-notch care.
  • Local Shopping: From Kentlands Market Square to Travilah Square Shopping Center, everything you need is nearby.
  • Public Libraries: The Quince Orchard Library offers vast resources for education and entertainment.
  • Public Transportation: Reliable services make commuting to D.C. or other areas smooth.
  • Cultural Activities: The Arts Barn and the Gaithersburg Arts on the Green cultivate a vibrant cultural scene.
  • Childcare Services: Numerous high-quality daycare centers and after-school programs support working parents.
a dad and a son making BBQ
Discover North Potomac, a hidden gem among places in Maryland for single parents. Explore now!

In North Potomac, single parents find more than just a place to live; they discover a supportive community where education and safety are priorities. The local schools, known for their excellence, lay a solid foundation for children’s future. The area’s safety reassures parents about their children’s wellbeing. With an abundance of parks, shopping options, and cultural activities, families enjoy a rich, fulfilling lifestyle.

Learn why Germantown is one of the top places in Maryland for single parents

Germantown, Maryland, shines as a diverse and dynamic place for single parents. This bustling area, home to over 90,000 residents, combines the charm of suburban life with the conveniences of a larger city. The average home value here is around $350,000, offering a range of affordable living options. Renters can find a comfortable spot for about $1,600 a month. In Germantown, job opportunities abound across various sectors, including healthcare, technology, and retail. This diversity makes it easier for single parents to find work that fits their schedules. The education system in Germantown stands out, too. Schools like Northwest High School and Seneca Valley High School are known for their strong academic programs and supportive communities.

For family fun, Germantown also offers plenty of options. Black Hill Regional Park and South Germantown Recreational Park provide outdoor adventures for families. The Germantown Cultural Arts Center, known as the BlackRock Center for the Arts, hosts events that entertain and educate. When moving to Germantown, finding the right movers is crucial. Look for moving companies in Germantown MD with experience helping single parents.

a father and his daughter
Germantown’s diversity offers dynamic opportunities for single parents. Start your move today!

Olney: A warm and welcoming community for single parents

Olney, Maryland, is a charming small town with a big heart, especially for single parents looking for a supportive community. Located in Montgomery County, Olney boasts a population of about 35,000, offering a cozy, close-knit atmosphere. The average home value here is approximately $550,000, while rent for a family-sized home averages around $2,000 monthly, making it an accessible place for various budgets. Get in touch with movers Olney MD based and enjoy:

  • Robust Community Support: Olney offers numerous support groups and services tailored for single parents.
  • Quality Education: Schools like Sherwood High and Brooke Grove Elementary are known for their excellence.
  • Extracurricular Activities: From sports leagues to music and arts programs, kids have ample opportunities to thrive.
  • Family-Friendly Leisure: Olney Theatre Center and Olney Boys and Girls Club offer entertainment and engagement.
  • Recreational Parks: Enjoy outdoor time at Olney Manor Recreational Park and Southeast Olney Local Park.
  • Healthcare Services: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center provides comprehensive healthcare close to home.
  • Local Shopping: Olney Village Center and Fair Hill Shopping Center cater to all your shopping needs.
  • Dining Options: A variety of restaurants offer cuisines that suit every taste.
  • Transportation: Easy access to public transportation makes commuting and travel convenient for families.

This town also understands the importance of leisure and recreation for families. With its range of activities, from theater productions at the Olney Theatre Center to sports and educational programs at the Olney Boys and Girls Club, there’s always something to do. Olney’s parks provide beautiful, safe spaces for outdoor adventures, fostering a love for nature in young hearts. Therefore, you should start researching movers in Montgomery County today.

Silver Spring is one of the best places in Maryland for single parents you could decide on

Silver Spring, Maryland, stands out as a vibrant and accessible community, making it a fantastic place for single parents. This diverse suburb near Washington, D.C., is home to over 81,000 people. Additionally, the mix of urban and suburban life appeals to many, with an average home value of around $530,000 and rents near $1,800 for a family-sized apartment. Silver Spring shines with its transportation options. The Metro, buses, and bike lanes ensure getting around is easy for everyone. This accessibility extends to jobs, schools, and healthcare, making daily life smoother for single parents.

a dad and his daughter in one of the places in Maryland for single parents
Experience the vibrant and accessible life Silver Spring offers to single parents. Move here today!

Cultural diversity is at the heart of Silver Spring. Festivals, markets, and restaurants reflect the world’s cuisines and traditions, bringing the community together. Therefore, this diversity enriches the lives of residents, offering unique experiences and learning opportunities. Schools in Silver Spring, like East Silver Spring Elementary and Montgomery Blair High, are also known for their strong educational programs. Health resources are robust, with Holy Cross Hospital providing comprehensive care. Reach out to movers Silver Spring MD trusts today!

Start preparing for your move!

Now that you know what the best places in Maryland for single parents are, all you need to do is find the right movers. Make sure to choose the best moving services Maryland companies have on offer and start organizing your relocation. No matter which of these cities you choose you will not make a mistake. Good luck with your move!  

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