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Best places for retirees in Maryland

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So, you’ve decided to move to Maryland after you retire? What a great choice! Maryland is one of the best places to start a new cheaper in your life. We as one of the best moving companies DMV has to offer would like to help you with this. Everyone has different needs therefore, not everyone will choose the same place. This is why today we will present you with different places for retirees in Maryland. Each place has something different to offer, therefore we are sure that you will easily find a place that you will like. 

One of the best places for retirees in Maryland is Rockville

With a population of about 68, 000 it’s a perfect place for retirees. Rockville, Maryland is one of the best places where movers Rockville MD can relocate you. One of the things that makes it perfect is that it’s close to Washington DC. Now another thing is that it has a great healthcare system and it’s pretty cheap, it’s 16% lower than the national average, which makes it great especially for senior citizens. This makes an average visit to the doctor around $100, a visit to the dentist around $85, etc. If you have a pet dog or cat the average visit to the vet is about $58. So, these were the pros of why you should move here.

Now before moving to think about the fact that more and more people are lovely, so maybe you shouldn’t move far away. Especially because you’ll probably be less and less available to see them or them see you. You’re less likely to travel and your friends are growing older as well, don’t forget that. Now let’s see some of the cons of moving to Rockville, some of them are utility costs which are about 5% higher than the national average, which isn’t that bad. Now there seems to be a high increase in the prices of houses, so the median price is $951,072. Furthermore, the average rent is $2,905 / month and gas prices are $4.93 /gallon, according to the PayScale website. Food and groceries are about 11% above the national average. 

Grandma and grandpa with their granddaughter sitting in the living room
Rockville is one of the places for retirees in Maryland

Another great place for places for retirees in Maryland is Silver Spring

Silver Spring is a bit cheaper than Rockville but not much. The city is bigger with a population of about 81,000. The average renting price is $2,881 / month. The medium price is $943,185 which makes it also slightly cheaper than Rockville. While energy bills, prices of gas, and phone bills are equal in both places. Groceries and medical costs are also the same in both places. So, at the end of the day, it all comes to personal preference.

If you’re thinking about moving to Silver Spring, then you can count on movers Silver Spring MD to help you move there. Professional movers offer packing services which are very convenient. They’ll be able to help you with any heavy moving, so you don’t risk injuring your back or anything else. Also, consider hiring a professional if you want to transfer difficult items like pianos or furniture since they’re more complex than any usual items. Furthermore, packing TVs, fridges, and loading and unloading all of them into the truck is heavy and things can get damaged, so think about that. Also, if you’re moving somewhere first thing that you should do is create a plan and an inventory. After that start decluttering and sorting things into one of these 6 categories:

  • Keep and move items
  • Sell items
  • Store items
  • Throw away items
  • Repair items
  • Donate or give away items
A man holding a one dollar bill
The cost of living in Silver Spring is similar to the cost of living in Rockville

Bell Air is yet another great city in Maryland

Bell Air is one of the best places for business in Maryland, if you need any help moving your office, recommend you hire commercial movers Maryland. Now, this is not as high-end as Silver Spring and Rockville so you can expect lower prices. Now the median home price is $432,152 and this price has increased 11.3% over the past year. If you want to rent the average rent is $1,664 for a 922 sq. ft. apartment. Here most of the homes about 64% are occupied by owners and the rest 36% are for rent. According to the website, the cost of living in Ball Air is 8.7% higher than the national average. That is okay if we compare Bell Air with Washington where the costs of living are + 56.1% higher than the national average.

Last but not least is Bethesda

Yet another peaceful place in Maryland, really beautiful and it’s great for retirees. With the average home price of $869,692 or median rent of $2,657 /month, it’s more expensive than Bell Air but more beautiful. Now as you can see healthcare, grocery, gas, utility, and transportation are usually the same in all of these places. The only differences are in housing and renting most of the time. Bethesda is very popular among retirees. The city of Bethesda has a lot to offer. There are many activities for retires, therefore, you will always have something fun to do. If you love art, you will love the Strathmore. This is an arts center that has all kinds of events all year round. Moreover, if you love being outdoors you will be pleased to know that there are many parks. 

Two senior women packing their things
If you find moving and packing hard, hire professionals who can help you with this

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you’ve found it useful. These were our best places for retirees in Maryland. If you need any help with moving, you can count on us. We hope you have a great and stress-free move to one of these beautiful places in Maryland.


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