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Best Northern VA places for pet owners

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Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Because of this responsibility, we often view our pets as family members. Therefore, if we plan to move, we often seek a location that will suit our pets as well. That is why today we help you find Northern VA places for pet owners. Moving is a big task and will require a lot of planning. Granted, moving with your pets will be a little harder, but not so much. In fact, the overall relocation experience will highly depend on how you approach it and how much time you have to complete everything. Another important factor you need to account for is the moving company you hire. Moreover, by hiring a professional moving company, like Helix Moving & Storage, you can ensure that your relocation experience remains stress-free. Stress is something you, or your pet, want to avoid when moving.

The best Northern VA places for pet owners you should consider

So, you are thinking of moving to northern Virginia, but are not sure where exactly you want to move to? Do you want to move to a location that can provide you, as well as your pet with everything you need for a happy lifestyle? Well, today we are going to help you find that place and hopefully, start your moving process.

a golden retriever in one of the best Northern VA places for pet owners
Northern Virginia offers an amazing lifestyle for your pets, as well as yourself, mostly due to the proximity to other major cities or states

Northern Virginia comprises several counties and independent cities that are a part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are nearly 3.2 million people living in Northern Virginia, making it around 37% of the population of the entire Commonwealth. This makes Northern Virginia one of the most populous regions of Virginia, as well as the Washington metropolitan area. It is one of the highest-income regions in Virginia and several of its counties have the highest income in the whole country.

Take a look at life in Ballston, Arlington if you have multiple pets

Ballston is a neighborhood in Arlington County that is considered a major transportation hub and has the highest concentration of scientific facilities and research agencies in the country. The neighborhood itself has nearly 9 thousand residents. Ballston is mostly a family-friendly location that boasts its safety. Furthermore, any neighborhood that is great for families, will be great for pets. Moreover, this Arlington neighborhood is often referred to as the “haven for dogs”. This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of the residential buildings are pet-friendly. On top of that, the Ballston Quarter hosts “Yappy Hour” every year in September. This means that, once every year, pet owners can come and allow their pets to socialize, while they relax and have a beverage. Aside from that, you can find veterinarians and doggy training facilities relatively easily in the neighborhood. So, contact movers Arlington VA, to relocate with ease.

Moving to Old Town, Alexandria can make you appreciate your pet even more

Alexandria is an independent city that is a part of the Commonwealth of Virginia and it has around 160 thousand residents living in it. With its location on the western bank of the Potomac River, the city of Alexandria is about 7 miles south of downtown Washington D.C. The sheer location of the city makes it one of the most ideal Northern VA places for pet owners.

a content dog sitting on the beach with the ocean behind it
The waterfront on which the city lies makes a great location for pet owners that have pets that seek various activities on a regular basis

However, we are here to talk about the historic center of the city, Old Town. Namely, as moving companies Northern VA relocate you to your new home, you will find that Old Town has a lot to offer to your pets, as well as yourself. For instance, Windmill Hill Park is a great place for your pets to play and release that energy due to its waterfront location. In addition, there are a plethora of different dog parks in the vicinity.

Fairfax is considered to be one of the most friendly Northern VA places for pet owners

The city of Fairfax is another independent city of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The city itself is an enclave, with the Fairfax County surrounding it. Furthermore, being a part of a bigger metropolitan area, Fairfax is a great location for those that might want to settle down in a smaller city, while being close to larger ones. So, if you are moving so you can work in Washington D.C, for example, which is 17 miles away, you have to move into an area that will be friendly towards your pet. Being able to leave your pet while you work is a luxury for pet owners. Luckily, the city of Fairfax can offer you, and your pet, things like:

  • Pet-friendly hotels
  • Dog parks
  • Different pet care and pet hospital options
  • A pet hotel
  • Pet grooming options
  • Various pet training facilities/grounds, etc.

The Village of Shirlington is also a good choice for passionate pet owners

The village of Shirlington was originally the Shopping Center of Shirlington when it opened in 1944. As the matter of fact, this was the first large shopping center to open in a Washington D.C suburb and was one of the earliest in the country. Located at Campbell Avenue, Arlington, the center is known as the Village of Shirlington since the 1980s.

four dogs looking at the camera from above
The Village of Shirlington is certainly among top Northern VA places for pet owners and has so much to offer to you and your pets

People living in Southern Arlington are very familiar with the Shirlington Dog Park. This dog park is a 2-acre park that allows you to exercise with your dog off-leash. Furthermore, this park has been named the best park in the region constantly. Once you complete your activities in the park, you can go to the Dogma bakery. This bakery is known for making dog treats on-site. Furthermore, if you need help to relocate, you can rely on movers McLean VA to help you do it properly.

Northern Virginia is a haven for pet owners

Even if we wanted to, we could not name all the Northern VA places for pet owners that you can move to. Yes, there are that many of them. In general, people seem to have a different view on pets in this region than any other. Furthermore, you will have no trouble finding a good restaurant to eat where you can walk in with your pet, for example. Additionally, each neighborhood or city has pet hospitals, training centers, pet hotels, etc. In general, the Northern Virginia places are full of pet-friendly locations that any pet owner would love.


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