Best Northern VA places for families with kids

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    Are you looking for the best Northern VA places for families with kids? Then you have come to the right place. Today, Helix Transfer & Storage is going to share with you today the ultimate guide to choosing the best place for you and yours. We are going to share with you all the benefits and drawbacks of moving to Northern Virginia. From the cost of living to the educational system and crime rates. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

    Best Northern VA places for families with kids
    In the early days, Virginia was also known as the “Birthplace of Presidents.”

    Best Northern VA places for families with kids

    Virginia was the first state that our ancestors settled in. And for good reason, too. Beautiful scenery, landscapes, and diverse wildlife. There’s a little something for everyone in the Mother State. However, before you hire Northern Virginia movers and move here today there are a couple of things you should know.

    How to move to Northern Virginia?

    Moving is difficult. It’s a multi-faceted complex event that has thousands of moving cogs. You have to organize your move, declutter, pack your belongings, etc. However, if you truly want a stress-free move you should take the following suggestions into account.

    First, if you are planning on moving here you should definitely consider creating a moving plan. This is the single most important thing you can do to enhance your moving experience. Or, in other words, if you want a stress-free move make sure you grab a pen and paper. You’ll thank us later.

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. So, make sure you schedule your time accordingly.

    Second, declutter. The fewer items you carry, the fewer the cost of the move will be. While this might be a painstaking, tiresome process, it’s crucial to a productive move. We recommend keeping the items that spike joy and getting rid of the rest. Trust us, you’ll have a much easier time relocating than you otherwise would and save money on your next move along the way.

    Last, but by no means least, hire a reputable moving company. There are plenty of local movers Northern VA to choose from. However, if you want to be on the safe side, hire Helix Movers. We offer high-quality moving services at an affordable price.

    Northern Virginia

    Virginia has a solid economy, one of the best colleges and universities in the state. On top of that, it has a rich history and is surrounded by nature. Mountains, beaches, and Washington D.C. are things you’ll be seeing on the daily if you move to the Old Dominion. It doesn’t matter whether or not you were born in Virginia, or have never visited here, we are sure you’ll fit right in. Here are our top favorite Northern VA places for families with kids.

    Hire a reputable moving company if you want a stress-free move.

    Best Northern VA places for families with kids: top three picks

    Northern Virginia is an extremely vast area, covering 11,425.6 km². Finding a place to plant your roots can be quite overwhelming. We recommend the following:

    • Arlington. This beautiful little city is located on the border with Washington D.C and Virginia. In the past couple of years, this city has been rated as one of the best places to live in Virginia. And for good reason too. If you are looking for the best schools in Virginia, this is the place you should be looking for. However, this city also boasts low crime rates. The chance of you becoming a victim here is 1 in 787. Which is pretty good odds. On top of that, the prevalent health and fitness community and scene make this city the best choice for you and yours.
    • Falls Church. There’s a good reason why 24/7 Wall Street considered Falls Church to be the best “county” to live in. A close-knit community makes this the perfect choice for your family. It also scores low on employment rates. In fact, The unemployment rate in Falls Church is 12% lower than the national average. And the income per capita in Falls Church is 122% higher than the national average. Considering these stats, as well as the beautiful scenery this city can boast, definitely makes it the top family spot to relocate to.
    • The Old Town of Alexandria. If you are looking for an overall great place to plant your roots in you can’t go wrong with the Old Town of Alexandria. It’s one of the most sought out places to relocate to. Moreover, this district is filled with a rich history. It was founded in 1749 and was the home of George Washington. It won multiple awards and prizes for the best places to live in Virginia.

    Fairfax City and Chantilly: bonus picks

    Fairfax City is considered by many online review magazines to be the best city to live in Virginia. Giving it an A+ rating. This suburb of Washington DC offers a community filled with coffee shops, restaurants, and a plethora of other activities. That’s not mentioning the low crime rates and top-rated public schools. With a low unemployment rate of 4.3%, and a population count of 23.000 people, and an average commute time of 31.2 minutes, it’s hard to beat what this city offers.

    Chantilly is located along the Potomac River in the Chesapeake Bay. It has a rich and diverse culture, a low unemployment rate of 2.5%, and promising future job growth. Making Chantilly one of the most secure and healthiest cities in America. Oh, did we mention that Chantilly has won a plethora of different awards for best private and public colleges, the best cities for seniors, and the most popular cities to spend the holidays?

    In conclusion

    So, in summary, what are the best Northern VA places for families with kids? In essence, we presented you with five solutions. Each unique in what it offers – Arlington, Falls Church, The Old Town of Alexandria, Fairfax City, and Chantilly. However, before you bite the bullet and decide to relocate here you should definitely heed our recommendations when moving. Creating a moving plan, declutter, and hire movers. While this might seem simple and easy, it’s something people often forget. And we think it’s key if you want a successful move.



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