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Best Maryland neighborhoods for young professionals

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Regardless of the profession you are in, rest assured that you can easily find the Maryland neighborhoods for young professionals. But, Maryland is practically made for young professionals. So, the issue becomes which neighborhood to pick. That is why we are here! In this article, we will give you some of the best neighborhoods to choose from if you are a young and ambitious person looking for a great place to call home. And once you decide which one is right for you, you can contact moving services Maryland to start the relocation process.

But, you can’t decide if you are not informed. With that said, let’s move on to disseminating the different options you have! The places we’ve chosen include:

  • Columbia
  • Charlestown
  • Baltimore
  • Berlin
  • Frederick
  • Lexington Park
  • Bethesda

Columbia is definitely among the Maryland neighborhoods for young professionals

Located between two major metropolitan areas (Baltimore and Washington D.C.), Columbia is a diverse suburb that offers a great chance to engage the propositions of the job markets. This is especially true when you look at the fact that Columbia is an ever-growing job market itself. In fact, it has been named the second-best city to find a job in 2021. That’s got to tell you something.

Columbia has some of the most breathtaking neighborhoods in the whole country!

It is also, a very beautiful place. Dozens of quiet neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and miles of trails are quintessentially suburban. But, if you are looking for something more vivid, Columbia’s headlining concerts at Merriweather Post Pavilion bring the big city to the heart of its growing downtown district. So, if you want to relocate from the West Coast to here, be sure to contact long distance moving companies Maryland. With their help, you will start calling Columbia your new home in a matter of moments.

If you want a waterfront life, Charlestown is the place to be

Like kayaking? Or boating and fishing? How about paddleboarding? Well, all of that and much more will become available to you once you move to Charlestown with the help of Helix Moving & Storage Maryland. The miles of access to the North East and Susquehanna Rivers provide the best of waterfront living. The residents who are already living here are just miles from Hollywood Casino Perryville, and directly between Baltimore and Philadelphia.

But, this all sounds like a fun activity. Well, you will be surprised to hear that Charlestown is the place of some pretty big players on the market. Companies like Northrop Grumman, W.L. Gore, and Amazon have a significant presence in the area, offering great job prospects for young professionals. So, if you are a young professional, don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Why not consider Baltimore?

Like the colorful row houses lining its streets, Baltimore is anything but boring. Additionally, it’s home to America’s largest free art festival, the world’s best Rye Whiskey, and one of the best baseball parks in the nation. We can safely say that there’s a reason Baltimore is often called “the coolest city on the East Coast.”

Baltimore skyline
If you are looking for Maryland neighborhoods for young professionals, you can pick and choose all of them in Baltimore.

Baltimore is a great home base for high-tech professionals. It is offering tons of job opportunities and a lower cost of living than other high-tech markets like San Francisco or Boston. That said, Baltimore is also one of the most affordable options for artists.

If you like beaches and have a small business, then Berlin is definitely the best among the Maryland neighborhoods for young professionals

Berlin is so close to the beach that you can practically smell the ocean. With a 15 minute drive from Ocean City, Berlin offers its own unique personality. In fact, its charm earned it a “Coolest Small Town in America” award. More than 50 retail sites line the streets of downtown Berlin, ranging from art galleries and clothing boutiques. It’s the perfect place to settle for the beach lover with an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are a Chef, Frederick is for you

Great food pairs well with locally made craft beverages, and Frederick has a lot to offer in that department. So, if you are a Chef, you will enjoy living and working here. With Flying Dog as its cornerstone, the craft beer scene is bustling in Frederick.

Streets of Frederick
Isn’t Frederick beautiful?

However, if you aren’t a Chef, there is a lot of other things you can expect from Frederick. One of the things that you can expect from Maryland, in general, is a great job market. In that sense, the different growing businesses are fertile ground for you to thrive and prosper!

If you are looking for Maryland neighborhoods for young professionals in STEM fields, Lexington is your dream place

Lexington is the home of the Naval Air Station Patuxent River. Moreover, it has the nation’s highest share of high-tech jobs in its local economy. Nearly a quarter of its workforce is employed in STEM fields, and those employees take home the highest median STEM wage in the U.S. But, the Naval Air Station is not the only organization that will value your professional skills. There is also BAE System, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin. All of them have a presence in the area and are providing many opportunities for young STEM pros.

Bethesda – saving the best for last

Bethesda is really a hub for young professionals. It’s not for no reason that it was among Money Magazine’s top 20 places to live. It is a culturally diverse place and has a special vibe that you simply can’t resist. What’s best is the fact that you are just minutes away from Washington D.C. To put it in simple terms, it is a great place for young professionals who love to learn and explore. A thriving downtown district at the heart of Bethesda keeps locals entertained with a year-round calendar of festivals and celebrations.

When talking about the job opportunities, we must mention that Bethesda is one of the nation’s biggest biohealth hubs, which includes the National Institutes of Health, the Food & Drug Administration, and hundreds of biohealth and life science companies. But, the options are very different. If biohealth is not your thing, you can always try some of the other things that are thriving here.

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