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Best Maryland moving destinations for singles

Moving done

It is time to relocate and you are searching for Maryland moving destinations for singles. There are quite a few out there but the real question is – which one will suit you the most? You must find a place that is good for single but at the same time, it must support all your daily activities. The quality of life is important which will make your search a bit difficult. Luckily, we assembled a guide with top places for singles in Maryland. Let’s find the best one for you!

Are you ready to relocate?

Before you choose one of the best Maryland destinations, you should create a moving plan. The idea is to have a comprehensive personal guide with all tasks you must complete before the moving day. Hence, start as soon as you figure out the moving date. Begin this process with a thorough home inspection where you’ll check out all your belongings along with the entire home. Inspect your attic, basement, garage, and backyard. Make sure all rooms inside your home are movers-friendly and without any possibilities for moving injuries. Also, create the inventory list with all your belongings and furniture. Lastly, list everything on the moving checklist and make sure you follow it until the end. Your moving checklist should contain info about movers, the packing plan, budget, legalities, and all other moving-related responsibilities.

a woman searching online for the best Maryland moving destinations for singles
Research online, learn more about MD neighborhoods and find the best moving company to get you there.

Once you have such a document ready, call your movers and provide your findings to them. They will use it to assemble a safe and affordable relocation plan. And once you decide on the neighborhood to move to, start searching for the moving company. You will easily find them online just by comparing prices, services, and reviews. Although, we must spare you the trouble and recommend Helix Moving & Storage as your best local choice. Keep this in mind when the time to hire movers comes.

North Bethesda is surely one of the Maryland moving destinations for singles

If you are ready to explore Maryland moving destinations for singles you should begin with North Bethesda. It is a place with beautiful neighborhoods and friendly locals. A diverse and unique community with many opportunities. What is important, is the fact that this is the most educated city in the country. Around 80% of residents own a bachelor’s degree. This can tell you that the schooling system is amazing and job offers as well. Although, with such a high standard, the real estate market is a bit harsh. Homes are around $700k and in some neighborhoods even more. So, this is surely a place to start as a single and raise your family in but you must prepare the budget for it. Or at least have a long-term plan for a few upcoming years. Here are a few neighborhoods you should look at:

  • Fort Sumner.
  • Mohican Hills.
  • Parkview.

And remember, Washington D.C. is just a few miles away if you are struggling with schools or finding decent work. Many people travel around 7 miles back and forth and work in Washington. Hence, if you like this place, call your movers Bethesda MD today. Become a full-time resident in a matter of weeks.


Another area to explore is Rockville MD. Similar to North Bethesda, there is a lot to do and many activities throughout the year. We are sure you won’t be single for too long after you move here. Just visit Civic Center Park, Meadowside Nature Center, and Croydon Creek Nature Center for great outdoor activities. And for some nighttime fun, there are plenty of local bars, restaurants, clubs, and coffee places. It is surely one of the top Maryland moving destinations for singles. You won’t have problems finding a job, continuing your education, or starting a family. This place is full of opportunities. Therefore, start searching for one of the moving companies Rockville MD and start packing today! Rockville awaits!

Rockville MD landscape
Rockville boasts amazing nature and outdoor activities.


Potomac and the Potomac River are quite popular in Maryland. The suburban area full of quiet and family-friendly neighborhoods will leave you speechless. If you decide to purchase a home here, you won’t be able to find a small one that easily. In Potomac, huge plots and big yards are popular along with big family homes. Once you pair this with the amazing nature that surrounds the place and the Potomac River, you get a perfect place to live in.

a huge family home in Maryland
Move to Potomac and get your hands on one of the biggest homes in MD.

Also, Potomac has plenty of great shopping places, coffee shops, clubs, and bars. But if you want to feel more, remember that Washington is only 14 miles away. We highly advise you to browse online and learn more about the Potomac’s nature, history, and points of interest. You will love it. And once you learn more, you should get ready and call your movers in Potomac MD to get you there swiftly, safely, and affordably.

Silver Spring

As the fourth most populous city in Maryland, the edge city of Silver Spring has a lot to offer. Next to the amazingly diverse and family-friendly neighborhoods, you have plenty of great schools and a flexible job market. The infrastructure is great, the economy steady, and commuting easy. Moreover, you will never have a shortage of places to visit because nature is amazing. But alongside the outdoor activities, there is plenty of shops, diners, bars, and clubs. All in all, Silver Spring has it all. All you must do is learn a bit more about it to have an easier time communicating with locals. Knowing a bit of history will help to break the ice.

Forest Glen is among Maryland moving destinations for singles as well

We will finish our list with the smaller place of all. Forest Glen has only around 7k residents and it is incredibly cozy and tucked in. The median home value is around $400K while income is about $100k. It is a nice balance and we can easily say this is one of the most affordable places in MD. But the best part is the community and the fact that everyone is friendly and welcoming. The crime rate in Forest glen is almost 50% lower than in any place in Maryland. Although, here you’ll find fewer shops and places to go out simply because most of it is run by locals. With such a low number of residents, there is no need for a big ruckus. For something like that, you have nearby neighborhoods. With average commuting of around 30 minutes, you’ll get anywhere you want easily.

This is it, now you know all about Maryland moving destinations for singles. All you must do is choose one and prepare yourself for the relocation. You will arrive there as a single, but if you play your cards right, you won’t stay single for long. All places we mentioned have a strong sense of community and friendly neighbors. Keep an open mind and you’ll find a match soon enough. Or take it slow and love will find you. Whatever you decide, be sure to choose the right home for you. Good luck!

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