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Best cities in Virginia for expats

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Northern Virginia in the United States is considered one of the most beautiful places to live. If you plan on hiring Helix Moving & Storage Maryland and moving to one of its wonderful cities, this article is for you. But before searching for your future hometown and neighborhood, make sure to decide on what kind of neighborhood you want to live in. Do your research on the best cities in Virginia for expats. Some of the factors you may take into consideration could be:

  • Cost of living – research this point for every city you consider
  • Rental property – see which area has the cheapest accommodation
  • Expat welcoming areas – the most important factor when choosing cities in Virginia for expats
  • Crime rate – if you have a family, this is non-negotiable

Now that you know what you are searching for, it’s time to take a look at our list of the best cities in Virginia for expats. We have selected the most expat-welcoming areas that could be found in North Virginia. Once you have selected the perfect one for you, there’s nothing left to do but hire local movers Northern VA and start packing. Any of these cities would make a great choice for a hometown.

neighborhood in one of the best cities in Virginia for expats
Don’t forget to look for a neighborhood that suits your needs.

Richmond – one of the best cities in Virginia for expats

Over the past few years, Northern Virginia movers had a lot of work since the capital of Virginia is one of the most popular cities in which both expats and out-of-state Americans choose to base themselves. There are a number of reasons for this. The quality of life is great in Richmond. The city has a growing economy and several large employers which is very appreciated by young professionals. Also, there is a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. Young people will enjoy the colorful downtown vibe while families can choose from many quiet neighborhoods surrounded by nature.

Arlington – for both families and individuals

Another city very much appreciated by expats is Arlington. This place meets all the criteria suggested in the checklist above. Arlington is a bustling city with great roads and walkways which means that traffic and commuting time are minimal. It is a place with a low crime rate and quiet neighborhoods that welcome expats. There are numerous people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Apart from all these advantages, Arlington offers a lot of outdoor activities to choose from, both indoors and outdoors, for the residents who care about health and fitness. If this sounds appealing to you, then movers Arlington VA would be happy to help you move here with your family or by yourself.

man in front of a house
Arlington is one of the most popular cities in Virginia for expats.

Lorton – affordable and great for families

Finding a place to live isn’t always easy and there is that worrying question about where to settle as an expat. Many expats choose Lorton precisely because it is the cheapest town in a very rich American country. The rental property is quite affordable, and you can choose from small apartments to large houses. If you have a family, Lorton is one of the best cities in Virginia for expats since it has great schools attended by students from various backgrounds. It is a very good place to live, but keep in mind that you would need a car to run errands since it’s a car-dependent city.

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