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Arlington vs McLean – Living Costs Compared

Moving done

Choosing the perfect place to move to has to be one of the best decisions to make. You will get countless new opportunities in front of you and will be able to change your lifestyle the way you want. The state of Virginia is famous for many places that you can call home but two of them pretty much stand out. Arlington vs McLean is usually that one dilemma bothering many people who wish to move. Both places have great rates in different fields and are great for working or raising a family. And while these are pretty easy to determine, it is time to compare the living costs!

Where to begin

Living costs are usually the last you will think of when choosing the place to move to. This is mainly because bigger places never have the same regions and prices always vary. According to companies like Helix Moving & Storage, people will look for places that have good schools, and low unemployment rates. Apart from that, it is important how safe the place is. The lower the crime rate the more people we decide to move. When it comes to these two places, are extremely similar. However, there are a couple of differences that really matter after all. 

fruits and vegetables in the supermarket
Don’t forget to compare groceries price as well

Arlington vs McLean

The best way to get the final comparison is to divide the overall living cost into several parts. You will find it much easier to navigate and make a final decision. Once you do, it will be time to proceed and arrange everything with movers West Virginia. Your relocation must be well planned so stick to it for as long as possible.

Health costs

The most important part of calculating living costs is the health insurance. On this matter, you will find that McLean is a little bit more expensive than Arlington. If you set the rates for USA to be 100 on average, McLean would be around 102. For those who have a good job and health insurance make sure to get as much information on it as possible. Transfer your medical records on time after the relocation no matter which place you choose.


When it comes to the cost of groceries, Arlington vs McLean has its winner as well. Once again, Arlington is cheaper and probably more suitable for you. Because of its good agriculture and organic food industry prices are more affordable in its supermarkets. Before you find some movers Arlington VA you can pay it a short visit and compare the prices with your current neighborhood or state. On the other hand, McLean has higher prices probably due to being more popular among tourists. Just like any other place that mostly bases its incomes on tourism, their prices are a little bit over average. According to the overall USA rates of 100, McLean would be 118 while Arlington is 115.


Paying the bills is a necessity no matter where you are. Many places in the USA hold high utilities costs for many different reasons. When it comes to these two, they are pretty much on the same level. Both Arlington and McLean are 98 on the rate charts which puts them a little bit below the average. a lot of people will find this amazing especially those who have a huge household and a lot of inventory. Residential movers VA can transport everything to one of these two places and you will get to keep all that space you used to have, without spending a fortune on utilities. 

stethoscope and a pencil
Arlington vs McLean diverse in health costs as well

Arlington vs McLean housing

The real estate in the state of Virginia is pretty diverse. You can come across areas that are extremely expensive and then on those who will fit anyone’s pocket. Arlington and McLean are way above the average when it comes to housing. Arlington holds 269 while McLean is even 391. With rates this high you must be prepared to have a good and stable budget. Remember, people don’t buy real estates every day and even if you spend more than you thought it is for the better future. But make sure you have a good plan ready and some professional help on the side. 

Real estate agents can help you narrow the choices down and find something suitable for your budget. Look for home or apartment that goes hand in hand with all of your needs and the one that doesn’t need too much renovation work. It should be close to your job and nearby schools in case you are moving with kids.

Things to avoid

Once you have all the rates and statistics in front of you, focus on making the right decision. To achieve that make sure to avoid a couple of things that can cause bigger issues later. Some of them include:

  • Choosing the place that is too expensive for you
  • Moving when you are not fully prepared
  • Spending money on things you don’t need
  • Going through this entire process alone

Having professionals by your side is more than useful. For those who can afford a little bit more expensive lifestyle, movers McLean VA can help you get there. You will have more time to explore the area and the entire moving experience will be more pleasant.

big brown house
If you wish to buy a real estate make sure to organize your budget first

Arlington vs McLean- conclusion

You can continue the search for the most suitable place for as long as you want. It will be much better to take some time making a decision than to speed things up. Arlington vs McLean can be solved pretty easy if you visit them and see for yourself. To spend some time there will probably provide the best results and you will get a chance to choose what’s best for you. Always keep an eye on your budget as it plays a huge role in this as well. After all, people don’t move every other day and you should take this process seriously.

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