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Arlington or McLean – which is better for seniors

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Deciding on what’s the best place to move to is never an easy task. You have to take many factors into account depending on the reason for your move with Helix Moving & Storage. If the reason for your move is retirement, you’ll probably want to move somewhere quiet where you can enjoy your days in retirement. If you are trying to decide what is the better option for seniors, Arlington or McLean, read this simple guide to find out!

What do you need to think about before choosing Arlington or McLean?

Before you even start comparing Arlington and McLean to determine which would be a better choice for you, you need to ask yourself, what qualities do you look for in a city? Once you make sure what you want the city you are moving to be like, it will be much easier to decide. As a senior, you might want to move somewhere with warm weather so you don’t have to fight against cold anymore. Maybe you are just looking for something calm, safe, and affordable, it’s completely subjective.

Life in Arlington

Arlington has recently become one of the fastest-growing cities in Virginia. It has also been chosen as the best city to live in the US. So if you are looking for a very exciting and active lifestyle after you retire, moving to Arlington with moving companies Arlington VA might be a good option for you. Let’s take a look at basic facts you should know about Arlington.

white water tank with welcome to downtown arlington written on it
Arlington has been chosen as one of the best cities to live in the US

Arlington residents focus on leading healthy lifestyles

Everyone needs to take good care of themselves by trying to live as healthy as possible. This applies especially to those who are retired and need to take better care of their health. This kind of environment will not only offer you numerous possibilities for healthy dining, but it will also motivate you to take care of yourself. Arlington is also full of parks that are a great place for simple workouts that will keep your body healthy and keep you active. 

Well-established public transport

As rumors say, traffic in Arlington is one of the worst in the country. This creates various difficulties for Arlington residents as they have to do detailed planning of what’s the fastest way to get to the location they are headed to. Despite the terrible traffic, public transport is well established in Arlington. Whether you are taking the metro, bus, or a train, you will get to the wanted destination in no time! Apart from that, Arlington is a pretty walkable city in general. That means you can always choose to walk as a part of your healthy lifestyle routine.

a woman wearing a white face mask on a subway thinking about moving to arlington or mclean
With Arlington’s well-established public transport, you’ll get anywhere in no time

Variety of cultures

People from over 140 countries around the world reside in Arlington. This means you’ll get to learn about various new cultures, meet new friends and get to try food from countries you have never been to! Our differences are actually what brings us closer by making us want to know more about each other’s culture. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more and make friends!

What is living in McLean like?

Let’s move on to the talk about moving to the city of McLean with moving companies McLean VA. To start off, it has been ranked as one of the most recommended family-friendly cities in Virginia. The majority of McLean’s residents say that the cost of living in McLean is more than worth the price. It’s a very safe, family-oriented community. There is also a variety of gorgeous parks you’ll enjoy spending time in and many beautiful picnic spots. McLean has its own Metro stop, so you can take the train to DC literally whenever you want. You’ll get there in no time. So, if you want to enjoy your senior life to the fullest, when you are choosing between Arlington or McLean, we recommend choosing McLean. Here are some things to know about McLean:

  • Weather in McLean
  • Surprisingly low crime rate
  • Cost of living in McLean

Weather in McLean

McLean is located near the coast, which means it gets a lot of rain, but less snow in winter. The average temperature during the winter months is around 25°F. Meanwhile, the average temperature in the summer months is about 86°F. When it comes to rain, McLean gets more rainfall than other cities. That’s about 44 inches per year which is 6 inches higher than the national average. However, it gets about 8 inches of snow less than the national average of 28 inches per year. September and May are said to be the best months in terms of favorable weather.

a man in a white shirt holding an umbrella
McLean gets a lot of rainy days throughout the year, but also less snow

Low crime rate

As a possible future resident, when choosing between Arlington or McLean, you will surely be concerned about the crime rate of the city you are moving to. When it comes to McLean and its crime rate, you don’t have to worry at all. McLean’s crime rate is 69% lower than the national average! This means you will be completely safe in McLean, enjoying your life in this lovely community! You will be able to enjoy your daily walks, sometimes picnics, and other activities completely carefree.

Cost of living in McLean

When you are thinking about the move, one of the first things you take into account is the cost of living. This includes the average household income, home prices, utilities, and such. This may surprise you, but the cost of living in McLean is quite high. When consulting movers West Virginia, they will let you know that the housing prices in McLean are double the price of the ones in the rest of Virginia. You will also most likely be paying more for things like groceries, utilities, and public transport. However, while renting a place in McLean is still expensive, it is way more affordable. The cost of living in McLean might be pricey, and it might be your biggest concern when choosing Arlington or McLean. However, it is definitely worth the money because you will be able to live in such a quiet and friendly environment!

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