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A Comprehensive Guide To Planning A Long Distance Move

Moving done

Taking huge steps and making significant changes in your life surely requires you to have a good plan. It doesn’t matter if you did it a couple of times before or doing it for the first time- there should be no obstacles in your way. However, a lot of people think that making a plan means all you need to do is set priorities and deal with smaller tasks along the way. The truth is way different, and best moving companies in Maryland relies on will surely tell you the same. Let’s go through everything you should know about planning a long distance move and how to do it right!

Let’s define long-distance moving

This type of moving is way different than the local one. Of course, distance plays a huge role and it means that you will probably move further than 100 miles. But apart from that, moving long-distance means you will need to organize your time right. The fewer changes you make, the easier the entire thing will unfold. As a result, you will find yourself in your new home or office stress-free. People who move long distance have to think about their inventory and many other things as well. While long distance moving companies Maryland has to offer deal with your items you must explore the new city, prepare your new home, and make a list of all minor tasks waiting for you.

clock on the red and blue background
Time plays a huge role when planning a long distance move and you shouldn’t underestimate its importance

When people move locally, they usually know the majority of things about the new place. They are familiar with its traits, as well as cons, and probably had a chance to visit multiple times. This is why dealing with your inventory shouldn’t be the only task you are focused on. Now is the perfect chance to make a comprehensive guide and talk about all the details you have to know about the upcoming process. 

When planning a long distance move, time matters a lot

To plan your relocation just one month before it happens will probably not be enough. The more time you have on your hands, the easier it will be to deal with the risks you can come across. The duration of the preparation process depends on the size of your home, inventory, and of course, the place you will be moving to. Even though this thing is individual, there are still a couple of things you can fully rely on. The best method is to make a list of all the items you want to take with you and divide them into different categories. They can be based on rooms, type, or even purpose. As long as you have a clear list, you will not have to spend too much time preparing your items.

On the other hand, setting the date for your move is equally important. Try to find the most suitable date and match it with your job and other important events happening at that time. Your interstate movers Maryland relies on will help you do it and even provide their suggestions as long as you give them all the details. The official date for your long-distance relocation should be far enough so that you can have enough time to prepare for it, and even leave some space for unexpected situations. the most ideal would be to set it two or three months in advance, as this is more than enough for preparing and carrying out your move.

Now, let’s talk about moving services

Nowadays, there is no need to carry out your relocation alone. That tends to cost a lot and completely shift your world upside down. You may easily end up completely exhausted and tired and will miss the entire point of making such a big change in your life. Instead, professional moving services can release you from so much work and actually give you a chance to enjoy your relocation. Considering these relocations can last and that you will probably have to take care of your family, pets, or some other private matters, additional moving services will save the day. Once your relocation is over you will become aware of all the benefits of full-service moving companies.

two girls on the road trip
The further the new place is, the more breaks along the way you should make

now, you probably wonder how to choose proper moving services and which one of them you actually need. While professional movers will give you perfect advice, it is good to know more about them yourself. Apart from transportation, you will probably need:

  • Full packing services
  • Unpacking services
  • Storage services

Relying on them, you will not have to think about your items at all. Knowing they are in safe hands, you can focus on other things regarding your relocation and instantly gain more time. Not to mention these services will actually preserve your budget as you will know the total price in advance. Commercial movers Maryland relies on know all about it.

Speaking of budget

You know that when relocation takes place, time and money go hand-in-hand. If you don’t set your budget right on time things can quickly go wrong. You may lack finances for an important part of your move, or for some post-relocation expenses. The good news is that moving companies will provide you with an approximate price of your move so that you can organize your finances accordingly. Again, try to avoid making last-minute changes as they can immensely affect your budget. Always leave a certain amount for unexpected expenses like sleeping in a hotel, having dinner, or renting a vehicle. Your best option is to set the budget in advance and try to fit everything else along the way.

family packing after planning a long distance move
Movers will not only help you transport your items, but pack them as well

The importance of hiring movers

Even though we mentioned this a couple of times by now, it is good to remind everyone how professional movers can make your long distance relocation way easier and cheaper. Actually, it all begins with their experience that doesn’t;t stick only to their ability to successfully transport your items. When you have a team of professional people who know what to expect with every move, things tend to unfold much faster. Residential movers Maryland trusts will move and load those heavy and large furniture items much faster. No to mention that they will make sure that the safety of your items and everyone involved is guaranteed. For the job that would take you days to complete, movers will need only a couple of hours, which is not something you should ignore when moving long distance. 

Depending on where you want to move to, you have to understand that driving that far won’t be easy. Especially if you have all your precious items with you and are constantly thinking about their safety. You will probably need to make a couple of breaks on the road or even spend the night at the hotel. A much better option is to travel with your own vehicle or get a plane ticket, while movers take care of your inventory. The trip will be much more pleasant and both you and your items will arrive on time. 

Plan your route in advance

Long-distance relocation can mean that you will spend many hours travelling to a new place. If you are going there for the first time it is extremely important that you know the best and the fastest route. Of course, the Internet will be a great helper as you can check all your options online in a matter of minutes. Another great option is to check people’s experiences online and find those who took the same moving route. What matters is that you avoid losing too much time and those routes that are busy all the time. Being stuck in traffic in the middle of your relocation is surely something you don’t want.

empty road
Always have in mind to choose the easiest and the fastest moving route

On the other hand, if movers are in charge of your items, you can turn your trip there into a short vacation. Carefully explore the route and pinpoint locations nearby that are worth visiting. If you are moving with your family planning a long distance move must include short breaks where you will have some fun together. As a result, your relocation will be a much more fun experience and everyone will love the idea of checking out new places along the way. Those who will be moving from Maryland to North Carolina can spend some time at Kings Dominion or La Crosse amusement parks.

When planning a long distance move you must have a checklist

Even if you must have multiple ones, don’t be afraid to do it. Having a perfect and comprehensive checklist will only help you in this entire process. One checklist can include items you should pack before movers arrive, while others can focus on completely different things. Keep in mind that soon enough you will be living in a new place, that has new traits and lifestyle. It will be wonderful to explore all of them and slowly start blending in but don’t forget about things that will make all of that possible. For example, if you are moving to another state you will need to prepare your paperwork and all the documents you will need there. They usually include:

  • ID and passport
  • Medical records
  • Insurance policies
  • Paperwork for your pets
  • Policies regarding valuable items

Of course, the list can be much longer depending on the state you currently live in and the one you will be moving to. Those who have friends and relatives living there already can ask them for more details as they usually know what documents are required when moving. Once you have everything on the list, make sure to properly pack them. Each one of them has to be in a separate folder so that documents don’t fold or damage. 

person planning a long distance move
When planning a long distance move you should have at least one checklist

Change the address on time

Imagine finally moving to a new home and still having to wait for your mail as the address is not directed. Even though you can receive a lot of bills and other mail via your social media accounts it is still important that you officially register at the new place. This will help you with your job, subscriptions and even getting important deliveries. While movers will ask you for the new address right away, try to deal with this matter while still in your old place. You can do it online and it will take just a couple of minutes. 

Things you should do on your moving-out day

On the day of your relocation, try to be as relaxed as possible. Before movers arrive, make sure everything and everyone is ready for the trip. Try not to damage when moving out from your flat, in case you wish to move something alone. But if you don’t have to do it, it is better you wait for the movers to arrive. While they deal with your items you can double-check your traveling and first-night kit. It should include all the essentials for the road like fresh drinks and food, and toys in case your kids are moving with you. Those who are moving with their vehicle should make sure everyone feels comfortable and cozy the entire time. No matter the time movers will arrive, try to begin your day early. This will give you enough time to deal with everything, and be ready before they arrive.

family in the park
Apart from relocation tasks, make sure to focus on your family as well

Enjoy planning a long distance move

As you can see, planning a long distance move is not difficult t all, but it can be a rather wonderful experience. Take your time thinking things through and write down every important idea. Of course, if you are moving for the first time, make sure to include movers from the start. They will guide you through the process and make sure you avoid all moving obstacles. Include family and friends in the preparation process as they can help you speed it up. On a moving day focus on preparing yourself for the trip and look forward to moving to your new dream place. 


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