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7 Tips For a Successful Pre-Move Yard Sale

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As soon as you decided to move, you will probably start packing your belongings. And as you are packing your items, you will notice that there are many items that you don’t want to use anymore. Wheatear those items are clothes, old furniture, or some household appliances. Since you will need a lot of money for the relocation, and the new life in your new home, it is a good idea to sell your unused items. This way, you will earn more money. And also get rid of a ton of stuff that was just taking up space. So, movers Bethesda MD are going to give you tips for a successful pre-move yard sale!

There are plenty of ways to organize a successful yard sale

Now we will list seven tips for your successful pre-move yard sale:

  • Pick a location
  • Choose the right date
  • Timing
  • Advertise and use signs
  • Preparation
  • Set the prices
  • Ask for help

You can always ask movers and packers in Maryland for more advice!

Pick a good location

This is one of the most important things when it comes to a yard sale. Because, if you don’t live on a well-traveled street, it’s time to find a better spot. Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to yard sale success. Hence do your best to find the best location possible. Also, you can check if you need a permit from your city for a yard sale. Another good idea is to join your friend or a family member. You can make a multi-family yard sale. Since people tend to go out of their way for two-in-one sales, estate sales, and relocation sales. This will also be good preparation for your move also. And movers in Montgomery County know just how to prepare you for the relocation!

Choose the right date for a successful pre-move yard sale

Logically, you probably think that Sunday sales are the most successful. Since most of the locals either make plans for Saturday or reserve the day for family time and rest. However, you can also plan your sale for a three-day weekend. Hence Sunday can be in the middle. There is a less common yard sale day. Of course, it is Friday. Actually, you can sell a lot. When the collectors and retirees are looking for a sale on a Friday. And if you have enough energy, you can have a Friday/Saturday sale. In order to get as many customers as possible. When it comes to the summer season, try to have your sale before it gets extremely hot. As soon as you set a date, keep an eye on the weather too. Also, come up with a plan B in case of inclement weather.

A person is writing on a calendar
Pick the right date for your successful pre-move yard sale

Timing is another important factor

You may probably think that you should start early in order to get buyers. And that is a great idea. Because as soon as one customer comes, it will attract other buyers. It is important to time your sale perfectly. So that you can catch as many shoppers as possible. Without being hard on you. It also depends on the habits of the people in your area. So you can think about the time of a day when there many people passing. Timing is also important when it comes to a yard sale

Pink clock
Timing is important when it comes to organizing a yard sale

Advertise and use signs

You definitely have to think about advertising your yard sale. Since most of your customers will learn about your sale from your signs. Hence make your signs as clear as possible. Make sure to properly list the location, the date, and the time of the sale. Also, emphasize the hot ticket items that will be sold. You need to make sure that you strategize where you’ll post your signs. So that as many people as possible will see them. Getting the word out is crucial. You can also make posts on social media about your yard sale. You can also see what moving services Maryland can help you with advertising your yard sale.

Prepare for having a very successful pre-move yard sale

You will need a few days to prepare for your yard sale. So, you need to pull the items that are to be sold. Before the sale, you also need to organize everything. You should list everything, sort, and determine the prices. The day before the sale, you can group up every item. So that you can move everything out in an organized manner. And it won’t become a mess. You can make a plan for what is going to go where. And how it would be laid out. Think about how many tables, shelves, clothing racks, etc. you need in order to gather up your items. So, save yourself time and stress. And don’t try to organize a yard sale overnight.

Set the prices in advance

You need to set prices for everything that you are going to sell. So make sure you put a price tag on everything. That way you will avoid the hassle of thinking about it at the moment of the sale. You can follow the general rule. And that is 50-30-10. So, new and unused items get priced at 50% of their retail cost. The items that are slightly used should be 30% off retail. For the used items 10% of retail. Additionally, if you’re selling books, CDs,  try a by 1 get 1 option. Or think about a similar package deal. For customers, this will feel like a great deal. Set the reasonable prices

Calculator and coins
Set reasonable prices

Ask for help if you need it

If you have a lot of items to sell, it is always a good idea to get help. So, if you have friends or family who can help you set up that would be great. Or you may find some temporary workers to help you. Because the extra help will be of help. And you won’t be overwhelmed with the work on a sell day. We hope that these tips will get you ready for a successful pre-move yard sale. Afterward, you can prepare for your relocation and move easily!


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