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6 Tips to Babyproof your new home

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You are moving to your new home with your baby. Moving companies DC area can take care of everything involving your move. However, there is one thing they can’t do for you – babyproof your new home. That’s it, the baby is starting to walk around on his own. And this is where you discover that a simple power outlet, door, or drawer can give you nightmares! Sitting, on all fours, or on both legs, is the beginning of a wonderful period of discovery for your child. However, your apartment or house becomes a real field of exploration. A few minutes of inattention and there is the risk of getting his hand stuck under the door, putting his foot on the edge of the stairs. In order to protect your baby find below some safety essentials for babyproofing your new home.

baby holding a blanket and smiling
Upon arrival babyproof your new home

Babyproof your new home as soon as you get there

Securing your house or apartment is essential to avoid domestic accidents. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of death in children. Yet, with simple steps and a few accessories, securing your home isn’t all that complicated. Many parents start to secure their homes in advance. They start in pregnancy and they are absolutely right! Before you do anything you should create a babyproof plan. This will help you know where to start once you arrive at your new home.

Once your local movers DC finish with moving things to your new home take time to babyproof it. Starting to secure your home early will give you some time to check that everything is operational and to notice any oversights. The bedroom is the room in which the baby will spend most of his or her time. It is also the room in which you will leave the baby alone. It is therefore essential to ensure that this room is completely secure. So yes soft toys are cute but they can be dangerous for a baby. To avoid any treat, we advise you to declutter your bed. Remove any object that could potentially harm your baby. Regarding the mattress, it must be firm and well fixed. Check that there are no spaces between the bed frame and the mattress, in which the baby can get stuck.

Don’t leave any objects in the baby’s reach

Never plug your phone close to the baby’s crib. Make sure that it is not accessible to him and that he cannot reach it to avoid accidents. Once the baby will be able to stand on his own, it will be necessary to remember to remove the mobile to another room. Furthermore, when the baby starts moving around on its own don’t leave a small floor lamp where he can reach it. They might drop it and get hurt. As a general rule, check that there are no breakable or dangerous objects, like curtain cord, within the baby’s reach.

The security fence is your best friend

This is the basic material if you have stairs at home. This is one of the most important things you should get when you finish moving from DC to NYC. Children are unaware of the danger and can easily fall downstairs and get injured. Installing a safety gate is the best way to have peace of mind when the baby is crawling or starting to walk. Pick ones that you can unroll even with one hand and that lock automatically.

Water is the main risk in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the main risk is the water. If you use a small baby bath, make sure to check that it is not wobbly and that it does not move when the baby is in it. A wobbly bathtub can tip over and the baby can fall out of it. Moreover, remember to place the baby’s bathtub properly so that baby cannot reach the tap, shower head, or any other water source. Also, when the baby takes a bath, check that he cannot reach your bath products and any other accessories, like shower gel, shampoo, shower ball, etc.  Always check that no water source is accessible to the baby and never leave him alone in a room that contains water.

Parents and baby in the kitchen preparing to babyproof new home
The kitchen has many sources of danger

Don’t forget the kitchen when you babyproof your new home

The kitchen is the room of all dangers.

  • water source
  • heat source
  • utensils
  • saucepan

Although for a newborn baby, who cannot crawl or walk, the risks are lesser. But it is good to prepare for the future dangers when the baby starts moving, as soon as possible. As a general rule, never leave sharp objects around your baby. For the oven, as heat and odors tend to attract children, consider securing it by installing a protective grid in front of the door to prevent the baby from burning himself. When cooking, always remember to turn the handles of pots and pans inwards to make them inaccessible to the baby. As the baby grows, he could try to grab the handle of the saucepan and thus spill everything on him.

Watch out for fingers!

We spoke to you above about drawer locks and cupboard locks. There are also door and window blocks to install throughout the house to make sure babies won’t get their fingers caught. Finally, to prevent your baby from hurting herself because of table angles or furniture in general, we recommend that you install corner protectors, which are very practical and easy to remove.

baby in green and purple chair
Your friends and family can give you great advice on babyproofing your home

Try not to leave electrical cables or multiple sockets within the baby’s reach. He could shock himself by putting them in his mouth, for example. To secure your electrical outlets, you will find in the store electrical outlet protectors, specially designed to prevent children from getting their fingers or any other object into the outlets.

Ask around for tips on how to babyproof your new home

Walk around your house and put yourself at baby’s level. You will be able to see more clearly, what dangers are in his field of vision and what objects he will manage to reach. As days pass you will see more and more things that you need to babyproof your new home. On a moving day ask Washington DC movers who have kids to tell you what are the spots they babyproofed. Also, talk with your friends and family! They will probably have some good advice to give on babyproofing your home.

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