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5 Tips for Packing and Moving to Potomac over the Holidays

Moving done

You have decided on packing and moving to Potomac over the Holidays. Moving during holidays was never a pleasant thing to do. But if you have stumbled upon an amazing opportunity you can’t miss, then you must act quickly. As you already know, you must pack, organize moving logistics, search for movers in Potomac MD, work on your legalities, dedicate a budget, and much more. So, let us help you with some of the important moving stages and ensure the safety of your relocation project. Let’s go!

Create your moving plan as soon as you figure out the moving date

The first step is to figure out the moving date. Obviously, you are moving over the colder months and here we have some good news for you. Autumn and Winter are a part of the non-peak season period where prices are up to 30% lower. Simply because there are fewer relocations across the board in general. And fewer cars on the road as well so you won’t have to worry about the safety aspect. And people drive safer so it is actually a bonus. So, choose a moving date you like because movers are not so tightly booked as was the case over Spring and Summer. Give them a call and check if they have your date open.

a person creating a plan for packing and moving to Potomac over the Holidays
Sit down, grab your planner, and create a comprehensive and personalized moving checklist.

But you shouldn’t call them before you inspect your home along with all your furniture and household items. This way you will figure out how many packing materials you must obtain. Furthermore, you must measure staircases, hallways, and doors to be sure everything can fit nicely and without any problems. Create a moving checklist with all moving-related tasks, notes, and info, and provide it to your movers once you are ready. Especially if you are moving a business or delicate items. In that case, movers must know this upfront so they can appoint commercial movers Maryland or whichever team is appropriate for the situation at hand. All in all, gather all the info on your checklist and the inventory list and call your movers to push things forward.

Movers will help you with packing and moving to Potomac over the Holidays

Now when you have figured out the date for of your Potomac move, you must begin your search for a moving company. The best way to find movers North Potomac MD is to browse the internet. In a matter of minutes, you will find hundreds of viable choices. And as soon as you apply your search criteria you will narrow it down to only a couple of viable candidates. Then, compare prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Also, try to find external comments and social media reviews as well. This way you will confirm if your movers treat customers with care.

Once you have found your pick, give them a call. Confirm they have all the tools and equipment along with the licenses and permits to operate. You do not need a fraudulent moving company during holidays but a reliable and friendly one. On top of it all, a safe and affordable one if possible.

Set aside a budget for your moving endevour

The size of your moving budget will dictate the way you relocate. If you have a stretching one, then you can lay back and let movers do their magic. But if you are limited, then you’ll probably have to do most of the moving tasks yourself. Hence, calculate your moving budget as soon as you realize you are moving so you can know what kind of moving service you can afford. This is obvious advice but worth mentioning. Simply because no one likes any unpleasant situations, hidden costs, or surprises while in the middle of the moving process. Therefore, dedicate a budget and a little bit on the side to cover unexpected costs if anything bad happens.

a person counting money
Calculate your moving budget as soon as possible so you can know what kind of moving service you can afford.

Purchase packing materials and pack on time

People usually rush and stumble over the whole packing process. They do not know how much time is required to pack everything and how many packing materials are needed to pack everything. Also, what is needed to pack everything safely? So, as we explained earlier, after inspecting your home, you will have a vague idea of how many materials you’ll need for packing and moving to Potomac over the Holidays. And you will obtain them at the nearest hardware store or order online. You must purchase the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Blister packs.
  • Packing paper.

Those are the mandatory ones which you can use for any kind of packing. Packing paper is there to wrap and cover any kind of items. Crumple it and fill items or use it as a buffer between items. Bubble wrap is used to wrap furniture and to make a cushion inside each box. Packing tape will keep your boxes together and labels will point out the content of each box. And one more thing. While packing, you should declutter and downsize. It will free a lot of space for your new apartment and you will have fewer items to pack. With it, fewer packing materials to use and a cheaper relocation altogether. Simply gather all unused items and donate to the local church or recycle.

Engage the whole family

Depending on the size of your family, your relocation can be extremely easy or quite complicated. But regardless of the situation, you should schedule a family meeting and figure out how can you spread tasks among the family members. Younger ones can run errands and cover minor chores while grown-ups pack and work on legalities and hard labor. It can be a dream team that can finish the entire packing and moving process within a week. No doubt that you can even prepare everything over the weekend. All that is left is for one of the moving companies DC area to stop by and pick up the moving cargo. Hence, join forces and relocate swiftly and safely, surrounded by your dearest ones.

a whole family sitting on the couch
Engage the entire family in packing and moving to Potomac over the Holidays

A final touch before you hit the road

Ok, we covered the five most important tips you should consider while preparing for the relocation. But something people usually forget is the fact that some of your personal documents must be updated or even renewed. So, you must check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Anything you want to transfer to your new address must be reviewed on time because you need several weeks to process everything. Therefore, just visit the relevant websites, submit forms, and file the requests.

Now you are ready for packing and moving to Potomac over the Holidays. Do not worry for a second. You will relocate safely and on time to prepare for the upcoming Holidays. Just make sure you work as a family and find a reliable and professional moving team to pitch in. Good luck!


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