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5 things to remember when moving with a cat

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You decided to move to a new home. You scheduled your moving day with Helix Moving & Storage, went through the list of things you want to bring to your new home, but have you thought about your cat? Our little companions with velvet paws love their territory. They spend every day there. They defend it from intruders if necessary, and make themselves comfortable in their favorite spots. When their owners are about to move, a question arises: how to move with your cat without disturbing it? As much as the change is hard for you it is hard for your cat. They will need some time to adapt to the new place. So here are 5 things to remember when moving with a cat.

Cat in a basket
Remember to obtain permission from the owner to move in with your cat.

The first of many things to remember when moving with a cat is obtaining the owner’s consent

If you are buying or building your own home, bringing your cat with you is not a problem. However, when it comes to a rental, you must obtain the consent of the owner. Finding an apartment with a pet can limit your choices. In all cases, you must ensure that cats are allowed according to the rental agreement. Most of the time furnished apartment owners do not allow pets. They are scared they might damage their furniture. Before you sign the lease ask if they allow cats. If you have an outdoor cat, prefer a ground-floor apartment in a low-traffic area. However, you should also ask the rental owner if cats are allowed. Watch out for potential sources of danger. Purchase window protection if necessary. If possible, secure the balcony with a protective cat net. Keep in mind to ask for permission to install safety nets.

Number 2: Getting ready to move with your cat

If the new home is far away, you’re probably planning a whole weekend for the move. Let long distance movers DC take care of all the logistics and focus on preparing your cat for the move. Shuffle the schedule a bit to spend more time with the cat than usual. Usually, if the new home is close, a lot of people tend to move their things little by little and drag their move. If you pack your things in boxes, cats will have no problem with boxes around them. On the contrary, many cats like to play with it. However, be careful not to leave anything that could hurt your cat. This includes mirrors placed against the wall or sewing utensils that are usually found in the closet.

cat on a pillow
One of the things to remember when moving with a cat is to leave their furniture until the day of the move.

It is best to leave the cat furniture in its place until the day you move. Only pack up at the last minute all the cat’s small items such as his water bowl, food bowl, basket, toys, and even the pouf on which he loves to curl up and the pedestal table where he sits every day to look out the window. Like this, they will keep their daily rituals as usual. This reassures your little companion during the stressful time of moving. It is very important to calm him down and reassure him.

Number 3: What to do on the D-day?

Try to keep the cat in the quietest area of ​​the house, especially when tackling the dismantling of furniture. Cats are very sensitive to the mood of their owners. If a cat feels that you are stressed, they will be stressed too. Depending on his character, he can even become aggressive. It is best if you hand your cat over to a friend or neighbor on a moving day. Like this, he won’t see what is going on in what he considers to be his territory. No need to add to his stress of the past few days, as he has certainly noticed some changes. Moreover, this will prevent them from getting hurt. Local movers DC can do their job serenely since they won’t have to worry about hurting the cat unintentionally while moving heavy furniture.

Cat put in a box as one of things to remember when moving with a cat
Leave your cat with friends or family on a moving day, this will spear them of additional stress.

Keeping the cat away is also a precaution for everyone. They can get scared and might want to leave the house and take refuge a little further away, and this really isn’t the time to spend time looking for him. On a moving day, the timing is always very tight, where everyone is more or less on edge. It is therefore unnecessary to add more. You can take back your cat once the Washington DC movers truck is fully loaded, the house completely emptied and it is finally time to move to their new home. Install your cat in his transport cage previously sprayed with pheromones for cats in order to create a soothing environment during the journey. However, do not place it in the cargo space of the moving truck. Cat will be more at ease if you stay close to him.

Number 4: Aids for moving with a more serene cat

In any case, moving is a source of stress, there is no doubt about it. Prepare for your cat to be nervous. Some of them pace and meow, others scratch the doors. One of the things to remember when moving with a cat is to appear calm. If you look stressed, your cat will notice. There are special stresses relievers for cats that can make things a bit easier. These include:

  • pheromone diffusers
  • room sprays
  • Bach flowers for cats
  • anti-stress pastes

Get the products a few weeks before the move, as some of them need time to develop their calming effect.

Number 5: Adapting to the new home

Be sure to place cat furniture like the cat tree in a location similar to the one before. Make your cat feel comfortable in their new home. If he was in the living room, there should also be his place in the new house. If you are moving in with a new partner or even a partner and their family, the challenge for your cat is greater. The same is true if there are pets already living in your new home. Let your cat explore a room and rest there first, especially if he is particularly fearful. Your little companion will be happy to have familiar furniture or rugs because they have a familiar scent. Install as many objects of this type as possible.

Cats are like humans. This is a things to remember when moving with a cat. Each has its own personality. Some people are going through the move very well, while for others it is a very destabilizing catastrophic situation. It can be especially difficult for them if you are moving far away. This is why you really need extra care in this time of great change, before, during, and after.


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