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5 best European restaurants in Northern Virginia

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Moving to another place has its pros and cons. No place is perfect and Northern Virginia is no different. There are good and bad things here too. One of the more important things to people when moving here is the cuisine. People want to enjoy good food and NOVA is a great place to do just that. It has a big number of European people and restaurants and you should investigate and get out of your comfort zone. So, we will give you a list of the best European restaurants in Northern Virginia you should visit as soon as moving companies Northern VA finish with your moving process. So, be prepared once they are done and you can get out of your home to enjoy some great food!

The list of the best European restaurants in Northern Virginia

  • Le Refuge
  • Old House Cosmopolitan
  • Ambar
  • Barcelona Wine Bar
  • Cafe Tatti
german food on a plate
Enjoy German cuisine to the fullest in European restaurants in Northern Virginia

Le Refuge

If you are up for some French cuisine, then this is the restaurant for you. We have all heard about French cuisine and how good it is. Well, you will have the chance to enjoy just that if you choose to come here. Soup Du Jour, Coeur De Palmier En Salade, and Soupe A L’oignon Gratinee are just prime examples of great dishes that you can enjoy here.

Old House Cosmopolitan

Once your local movers Northern VA finish the move, you will have the chance to enjoy authentic German cuisine. It is one of the best German restaurants that you will have to chance to go to in Northern Virginia. Some of the dishes that you can enjoy are Wurst Platter, Sopska Salad, Wiener Schnitzel, Schweine Schnitzel, and much more. Also, all portions are huge so you better go with someone to split them!


Not too many people are familiar with Eastern European traditional cuisine. But, if you are really into food, then this is the restaurant to go to. It is located in Arlington and the good thing is that if you are moving there, you will easily find some of the best moving companies Arlington VA to move you. There is no easier job when everything just comes together. Some of the dishes that you will be able to enjoy are Crispy Cheese, Balkan Salad, Tomato Soup, Grilled Steak, Cevapi ‘Balkan Kebab’, and much more.

traditional kebabs in one of the best European restaurants in Northern Virginia
Eastern European food is like no other

Barcelona Wine Bar

Mediterranean food is among the best in the world. There are tons of different dishes and you just can’t taste them all out. Barcelona Wine Bar is one of the best places in the state of Virginia to do just that. Once a reliable moving company, such as Helix Moving & Storage, finishes with your move, make sure to make a reservation first. There is no chance that you will get there any other way. You can enjoy chicken pimientos, paella verduras, potato tortillas, and various other desserts and appetizers.

 Cafe Tatti

Another great French and European restaurant in Virginia. This is based in McLean so it is a great location for people that are moving here in the first place. There are various moving companies McLean VA more than capable enough to handle any kind of relocation. However, let’s turn back to Cafe Tatti. If you go there, you will have to enjoy various great dishes for a great price like Tatti Delight, Avocado Vinaigrette, various Tatti seafood combinations, crabs, shrimps, and a lot of other meals. Do not miss your chance to enjoy some of the best food out there!

Have a bite in some of the best European restaurants in Nothern VA

As you can see, the state of Virginia is full of restaurants that offer almost exclusively European food. And, it is a great thing. It is because this is one of the best food in the world and it is just in front of your doorstep. We have listed a couple of the best European restaurants in Northern Virginia and you should visit them as soon as possible. Do not forget to make a reservation because they are quite busy so you may have to wait a while!

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