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4 things you should know about living in Chevy Chase

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If you are planning to relocate to another city, there is a perfect place that you should consider. Chevy Chase is a town that is worth living in. And, of course, before you relocate, you need to find out as much as you can about this place. That’s why Helix Moving and Storage Maryland will explain to you 4 things you should know about living in Chevy Chase. Read this guide and prepare to relocate to Chevy Chase!

About Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase, MD is located northwest of Washington DC. This place was an empty town until World War I came around. And then the use of automobiles let people to moving out of bigger cities into smaller ones. Actually, it was during the 1920s. In that time, Chevy Chase started receiving residents. Hence, the economy began to grow. Since then, Chevy Chase has selected to keep its historical roots in play. Another important thing to mention is that Chevy Chase is about 6 miles away from the US capital. This city is known for being the suburb of the nation’s capital. It is popular since it is such a short commute to Washington DC. Additionally, many people decide to live in Chevy Chase for its safe community and family-friendliness.

Here are 4 things you should know about living in Chevy Chase

Now, let’s see the details of this place. And movers in Chevy Chase MD selected these 4 things to consider when you are relocating to this city:

  • Population
  • Cost of living
  • Communities
  • Weather


According to statistics, Chevy Chase has had a balanced population growth of 2.35%. Overall, the population in Chevy Chase is 9,844. When it comes to income, the median salary is $173,333, with a 3.31% poverty rate. And it is considered a significantly low percentage when it is compared to the national average. Hence it surely is a reassuring fact and more and more people are interested in relocating to Chevy Chase. Also, the median age is 46.3. Hence there are many professionals and retirees residing in Chev Chase. If you need more information, local movers MD will gladly give it to you.

People are walking in a train station
There is steady population growth in Chevy Chase

Cost of Living

This is another important fact to consider if you want to live in Chevy Chase. And living in this place isn’t the most affordable. That is when you compare it to the US average. The costs of living are double the average amount in the US. And also 80% more than the rest of Maryland. Actually, housing costs are a reason for this. Because Chevy Chase’s housing market is really competitive. For example, the average price of a house in Chevy Chase is $1.03 million or $424 per square foot. Also, if you want to own a home here, right now is a great time to buy one of the many Chevy Chase, MD homes for sale! Even though the home-ownership rate is 78.9%, there are still a lot of people who are looking to rent. And the average rent is about $2,298 a month. Also, bear in mind that the rent trends in Chevy Chase are slightly increasing. They are ranging from 5%-1%.


You should know that Chevy Chase has an excellent selection of neighborhoods. And each of those communities is providing different benefits. There are many popular neighborhoods in Chevy Chase. Such as Chevy Chase Section Three, Chevy Chase Section Five, and North Chevy Chase. The Terrace neighborhood can offer big homes with nice backyards. Section Three locals are mainly young professionals that own their homes. Additionally, there are many parks and shops in the area. Which makes this neighborhood most desirable to younger couples. Section Five is one of the most popular among older people. Who are searching for a quiet place to retire. North Chevy Chase also has older residents. Because the neighborhood offers smaller lots. Actually, this is the most affordable neighborhood to live in. Hence if you’re worried about money, this may be the right place for you.

A group of people is sitting on the grass
A great community is among the 4 things you should know about living in Chevy Chase


You should also consider the weather when moving to Chevy Chase. This place has pleasant weather year-round. It is thanks to the city’s humid subtropical climate. Summer in Chevy Chase is hot and humid. With average temperatures in Chevy Chase ranging from 80°F and a low temperature of 69°F. But, when it comes to colder months, Chevy Chase’s winters are cold and windy. With highs of 48°F  and lows of 27°F. Also, there is a fair amount of precipitation throughout the year. This city typically receives 43 inches of rain each year. Also, there are a few snow days each year. Because Chevy Chase gets an average of 17 inches of snow. So, if this weather suits you, you can look at many moving services in Maryland in order to relocate easier.

nice weather as one of the 4 things you should know about living in Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase has nice weather

Interesting things to do in Chevy Chase, MD

Besides the already mentioned 4 things you should know about living in Chevy Chase, there are also plenty of fun activities. For instance, if you have little children, there is a place that you must go to. We are talking about the playseum. That is a mini, simulated town. It has businesses and shops. There are also doctor offices, restaurants, and art studios. Along with science labs, that kids can explore. Hence this is a top-rated attraction for kids. For adults, in The Town of Chevy Chase, there is the Audubon Naturalist Society Woodend Sanctuary. This 40-acre place allows visitors to walk on trails. Where you can see oak and pine trees. Along with tulips, and a pond. Which has various aquatic animals you can see. Additionally, there are picnic tables. And there you can set up a romantic meal, making it the ideal place for a date!

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