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10 things you need to know about living in Washington DC

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Most people associate Washington DC with the government and politics. Even though the U.S. capital attracts politicians and government officials, it is many more things to offer. It is a vibrant city full of amazing culture and history. For this reason, it attracts many people and international tourists to visit and even to move here with Washington DC movers. It has become one of the most popular cities in the entire country. Many experts predict that the city’s population will increase by a staggering 48% by 2024. However, before your relocation, here are all the things you should know about living in Washington DC. It is always important to prepare properly before your relocation. 

It is more than a government seat 

One of the biggest misconceptions about Washington DC would be the idea that the city is only a government town. It can be true because many people come to Washington DC to work for the government. After all, it is the capital of the country. However, DC has a strong economy that is attracting young and well-educated people from all around the country and world. There is no need to settle down and only work for the government if that’s not what you want. You can easily find other employment opportunities if you have all the necessary skills and knowledge. The large private sector has a lot of opportunities. For this reason, there is no need to cancel your relocation with the moving company DC area. You can organize a successful relocation, find a job that you want, and have fun living in Washington DC.  

white house
The city has so much more to offer than the government and politics

The cost of living is high and the traffic is bad 

Even though there are plenty of work opportunities, the cost of living in Washington DC is extremely high. Washington DC is home to many wealthy residents. They are the main reason why the cost of living is this high. If you want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in DC, you need to earn around $105,000. Most people believe that New York City is more expensive. However, you might even consider moving from DC to NYC because of high living costs. On the other hand, the traffic can be pretty bad as well. This is nothing new when you are living in a huge city. If you don’t have a car, you will need to rely on the metro, buses, and streetcars. Even if you have a car, commuting can take a lot of your time and energy. Additionally, finding a parking space can be a true nightmare. 

You are surrounded by history and culture 

There is a reason why Washington DC has so many tourists every year. There is so much to see and explore in such a huge city. After your relocation with local movers DC, it is time to relieve the stress piled up during your relocation. You can visit a large number of museums in the city. In addition to this, most world-class museums are free. In addition to regular exhibitions, many museums host many events such as talks, screenings, receptions, special exhibitions, and so on. If you are a DC resident, you can receive a discount. Furthermore, if you are a fan of history, you will absolutely love living in this city. Since the city played one of the major roles in the civil rights movement, the labor movement, and the women’s suffrage movement, you can visit many monuments, places, and exhibitions about different historical periods. 

colorful buildings
Washington DC is a city with rich history and culture

Taxes and the dress code are also things you should know about living in Washington DC 

As mentioned before, the cost of living in Washington DC is pretty high. Another reason behind it would be the taxation system. It is a bit complicated here. The sales tax is 5.75% generally but not always. Certain purchases have higher taxes. For example, if you want to buy alcohol, it is taxed at 10%. If you want to stay at a hotel, the sales tax is 14.5%. These would be just some examples. On the other hand, there is another interesting thing you should know about living in washing DC. The dress code is pretty conservative. This would be one of the influences of the government. Most people wear formal and conservative clothing. in addition to this, most places have a dress code you need to follow. Unless you are working somewhere more casual, you will need to buy a lot of formal clothing. 

More interesting things to know before your relocation 

Since Washington DC is a huge city, there are many interesting things that you should know before moving here. Here is a couple of them. 

  • Brunch is important – one of the more interesting things about the city would be the locals’ love for brunch. You will see many restaurants with a brunch option. It is so popular that you will have to make a reservation and even prepare to wait in order to be served. 
  • Short trips are popular – Richmond, Baltimore, and many more cities are so close that weekend getaways are pretty popular among the locals. 
  • Cherry blossoms – if you have ever seen a picture of Washington DC on the Internet, you probably saw one with cherry blossoms. It is one of the most beautiful sights to see in Washington DC. 
  • Tourists are everywhere – There are many of them and you should be patient with the tourists. 
cherry blossom is one of the things to know about living in Washington DC
Cherry blossom season is a must-see in DC

Should you move to Washington DC? 

Even though it is known mostly for being the capital of the country, Washington DC has many things to offer. For this reason, there is no reason to hesitate when you want to move to this beautiful city. These would be just some of the things to know about living in Washington DC before your relocation. You can learn more about the city itself once you relocate there. After your move, you can spend some time getting to know the city, exploring all the places, and enjoying your new life.

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